Wanna help on a Big Ten Blog?

wv23 who unfortunately shut down my favorite Cubs blog on the internet quite awhile back is running a Big Ten blog with another guy. I’ll quote wv23.

hey all –

mb21 has graciously offered to provide some Iowa coverage at our new Big Ten site, when he can. Thanks, mb.

That said, we are in need of Illinois and Northwestern folks, if you or anybody you know would like to write regularly about the Illini and Wildcats.

It isn’t a heavy lift. No daily or game coverage or anything like that is needed (unless you want to). Instead, we are just looking for regular content on any and all sports (water polo, for example).

Let me know if you’re interested – and thanks, guys, for letting me do the commercial again.

dailybigten.com (just hit contact us at the top, if interested)

The least you can do it is check it out on occasion, but if you’re a Big Ten fan and wouldn’t mind writing something from time to time, please let him know.