Where We Stand Now

Following last night’s 6-0 loss to the Indians, the Cubs are a solid 34-28, but are 8 games behind the Cardinals who have hacked their way to baseball’s best 43-21 record. The Pirates are in 2nd place and after winning 6 in a row are a couple of games ahead of the Cubs. The Cubs […]

The Cardinals are in a loooooooooot of trouble

The Cardinals are being investigated by the FBI for hacking into the Astros. My professional opinion: hahahahahaahahahahhahahaha More on this to come. From Tim: https://storify.com/Aisle424/cardinals-hack-astros-twitter-reacts-accordingly

Cubs 2, Reds 1 (6/14/15)

OSS: Castro puts yesterday’s game on repeat. Three Up 1. How can it not be Starlin Castro? He went 3-5 with the game winning double single (he never touched second, too busy celebrating), and he looks to be turning the corner nicely. This lineup goes from pretty good to pretty great when Castro is hitting, […]

Cubs 4, Reds 3 (6/13/15)

OSS: Massive rain delay and Len Kasper in the Fox booth isn’t enough to keep the Cubs TWTW down. Three up 1. Miguel Montero is on fire, homering yet again with a bomb to dead center to give the Cubs an early lead. My lying eyes said he looked pretty good behind the plate too, stealing strikes […]

Cubs 6, Reds 3 (6/11/15)

OSS: Three run homers FTW. Three up 1. Miguel Montero is busting out of his slump with back to back three run homer games. He also added a walk and a single. Maybe this game is merging with the blowout in Detroit in my head, but I was surprised to see that the Cubs only […]

Cubs 12, Tigers 3 (6/10/15)

OSS: Cubs round out a winning road trip with an offensive asplosion. Three up 1. The Cubs had runners on base every inning except the eighth, and while they struggled to get them in early on Chris Coghlan hit a no-doubter three run HR to break the game open in the third. 2. Montero put […]

Ian Happ profile

With the 9th pick in the draft the Cubs selected Ian Happ, 2B/LF out of the University of Cincinnati. Who is he, really? The first thing to note is that he’s a junior. It’s possible that he could go back to school and come out again just next year, but I find it very unlikely. […]

MLB Draft is today

In perhaps the best sign yet that the Cubs are respectable, not one shit has been given as to where the Cubs might draft in 2016. A 73-win campaign has given the Cubs the #9 spot in today’s draft, which is widely considered one of the weakest in recent memory. I won’t pretend that I […]

Cubs 4, Nats 2 (6/6/15)

OSS: Jason Hammel is all out of gum. Three up 1. Another great outing for Hammel – he went eight innings, striking out seven, walking two, and giving up one run. He was pulled in the ninth after giving up another run on a Bryce Harper bomb and didn’t get the CG, but still a […]

Cubs Journey Back To Respectability Garnering Big Crowds, Higher Ticket Prices

The Chicago Cubs march into June as one of the nicer surprises in all of Major League Baseball in 2015. To this point, they’ve done a solid job maintaining balance on both sides of the ball, as they have been able to provide timely offense along with quality pitching. With Anthony Rizzo, Starlin Castro, and […]


Cubs 2, Nats 1 (6/4/15)

OSS: David Ross bails out a shaky Hector Rondon in a poorly umpired game. Three up 1. David Ross ended the game on a pickoff throw to first base that probably should have been called safe. He threw out three baserunners on the day, though two of them could have been safe… Solid defense by […]


Series Preview: Chicago Cubs (27-24) at Washington Nationals (29-24)

I flipped over to the Cubs game a few times while watching the Blackhawks game, and I am that glad I missed that one. The Nats also had a rough time since we saw them last week, getting swept by the execrable Reds and losing a series at home to the Blue Jays. Team Leaders […]

The Cubs’ Bright Spot

After a nice little run to start the season, the Cubs have come back to Earth somewhat. It’s been a tough stretch, going just .500 over the last 30 games and losing 6 of the last 10 (to very good teams, mind you). I know that I thought the Cubs would definitely score runs, and […]

Marlins 5, Cubs 2 (6/2/15)

OSS: Hendricks comes through in the biggest PA of the game, but the Marlins manage a big inning anyway. Three up 1. Junior Lake was the Cubs WPA leader on the day, hitting two doubles and looking pretty good at the plate in general. He’s a different hitter than the guy we saw last year. 2. […]