Series Preview: Chicago Cubs (0-0) at Pittsburgh Pirates (0-0)

Well, here we go with another season of Cubs baseball. The Cubs open the season in what is probably the most beautiful ballpark in baseball (it's certainly one of the top 30). At least, beautiful when the weather forecast isn't 40s and raining. The Pirates aren't the punching bag they used to be – they've […]

Obstructed View Season Predictions

Our long national nightmare is finally over! The Cubs play today at 1:35 ET, and at around 5:00 ET I will be drunk and the Cubs will be a game out of first place. Now that the season is here, I rounded up all of our contributors and asked around for predictions. Without further ado, […]

2013 Cubs Prospects Ratings

A little over 2 weeks ago, I wrote an article with Uncle Dave's help about a different way to rate prospects. Dave got the idea from Hockey's Future. Dave's explanations of what each number grade (ceiling) represented was so awesome that I used it word for word. I did want to clarify something on the […]

Verlander. Got. Paid.

First, the details. Verlander signed a 5-year, $140 million dollar extension today. It will pay him $28 million dollars a year in 2015 through 2019. There is a 2020 option at $22 million that will vest automatically (but the terms of how that could vest are unknown at the moment). Verlander was already signed at […]

Luis Valbuena: Not Very Good

In a few days, the Cubs will open regular season play with Luis Valbuena at 3B. Compared to the other options the Cubs have, he isn't that bad. Compared to other 3B, it's really bad. The first thing I looked at when analyzing Valbuena's last season was to look at his BABIP. It was low […]

OV Turns Two: Something Terrible This Way Comes.

Two years ago, having been conceived in the minds of commiserative suffering and gestated in the womb of indignant hope, Obstructed View was born. We celebrated the cerebral union of four great genius prize-winning semi-literate minds (operating under our noms de plumes, mb21, aisle 424, berselius, and yours truly, and counting) the way any intellectual quadrumvirate would: with […]

Tim McCarver to retire

Tim McCarver will be retiring after the 2013 season. Good riddance. In honor of our second anniversary, Mish put this together.

The 2008 Draft Retrospective

I think 5 years is a pretty good amount of time to review a draft class. That would put us at 2008 (well, it's 4.5 years, but close enough for me).  1/19: Andrew Cashner This pick has worked out relatively well, all things considered. Cashner had definite starter potential, and still profiles as a really […]

Jim Leyland Just Wants to Chillax

From the "some of us suspected this all along" department: The Tigers have yet to name a closer for the upcoming season. Rookie favorite Bruce Rondon has been erratic this spring, with quality setup men Joaquin Benoit and Phil Coke performing reasonably well. A trade is also a possibility, and Carlos Marmol's name has come up.* *Obligatory […]

Starlin Castro to bat 2nd

You know that news is rather light when you're writing about what you figured would happen all along: Starlin Castro will bat 2nd. If everybody lives up to their capabilities, hopefully we don't have to do anything [different]," Cubs manager Dale Sveum said Sunday of his projected lineup in which David DeJesus will lead off […]

That revamped Cubs rotation

Much has been written here in the last few days about the Cubs rotation injuries and what it means for the overall strength of the rotation. Most, or actually all of that has been negative. Sure, losing Garza can't be spun as a positive so I'm not going to do that. As the resident optimist, […]

Are ground balls overrated by Sabermetrics?

I can't see the original Bill James piece (behind a paywall), but Rob Neyer posted a big excerpt from it at his site.  My instant reaction to the title was that it's a preposterous hypothesis, as I'm someone who thinks that groundballs are underrated by the standard tools of internet sabermetrics, especially FIP. Saber types have tried […]

Better Know a Statistic: (K-BB)/PA

I have a confession to make.  When I first fell headlong into baseball analysis, I kind of took K/BB as my pet statistic. I loved how it was essentially "luckless": the only things the pitcher couldn't control was the discipline of the batter and the strike zone of the umpire, the two things he can […]