How much is Jeff Samardzija worth?

With news that the Cubs have tried to extend Jeff Samardzija beyond his arbitration eligible seasons not once, but twice, I thought it might be a good idea to look into how much he's worth. Steamer projects 2.4 WAR and ZiPS projects 3.3. You can see these yourself on Fangraphs. Let's just split the difference […]

The Cubs Have Tried to Extend Jeff Samardzija Twice

John Heyman passes along a few nuggets today with respect to the Cubs' efforts to extend Jeff Samardzija. JefF7 is three years from free agency, and the Cubs have apparently made two distinct efforts to extend him, to no avail. The two are apparently far enough apart that talks are on hold. We have had […]

Assume the Position: MLB Starting Pitchers

For pitching, I'm going to break it down into more easily-digestible bunches. For this version, I'm going to look at the Cubs in 2012 and then the people most likely to make the team (for Opening Day) in 2013.       Last Year 2013 Career     Name Age GS IP ERA FIP pwFIP […]

Rant Sports writes stupid stuff on the internet again

The Chicago Cubs must trade Alfonso Soriano before other teams realize just how far he has fallen since he became a Cub. – stupid stuff found on internet I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that if random stupid guy on internet knows that Soriano isn't as good as he once was […]

Rating Prospects

Rather than ranking players on upside with little attention to downside, I'd prefer a system that takes both into account. Uncle Dave has mentioned here before the rankings that Hockey's Future does just that. Everybody loves to ranks prospects. They love to rank anything, but for baseball fans, ranking prospects is fun. I've generally felt […]

100 Walks

Here's something interesting I discovered today: Starlin Castro has exactly 100 career walks.  Here's the breakdown: 29 in 2010 35 in 2011 36 in 2012 63 in Wrigley Field 6 in Great American (next highest) 55 times with the bases empty 12 times with just a man on first or just a man on second […]

Random crap

I've had a very sore neck, back and shoulders for the last couple of weeks so I haven't written much over that time. It's still not 100% and I'm beginning to feel as though it never will be. But I am good enough that I can spread my infinite wisdom to our readers. You're welcome. […]

Top Ten Rejected 2013 Cubs Slogans

The Cubs unveiled their new marketing slogan the other day and simultaneously churned Twitter into a furious snarky froth with "Committed." Frankly, I think "Committed" is right up there with "It's a Way of Life" as most mockable slogans the Cubs have come up with under the Ricketts. It took Twitter about 10 seconds to […]

Spring Training Roster Battles: Hitters

The Cubs have played 13 spring training games so far, giving most contenders to make the major league squad 15-20 PA. Here's a breakdown of each battle so far: OQ = Opponent Quality Catcher Castillo (17 PA, 9.3 OQ): .267/.353/.467, 1 HR Navarro (16 PA, 8.9 OQ): .214/.313/.429, 1 HR Clevenger* (17 PA, 9.0 OQ): […]

Daily Facepalm – 3.5.13

MLBTR must be reading our comment section They posted a "Where are they now" of everyone involved in the Matt Garza trade with Tampa. I forgot that the Cubs threw in Chirinos and Guyer, unfortunately for them they've both been plagued by injuries since moving to the Rays.  This Jorge Soler guy could be pretty […]

How much For a Win?

I was curious how much a win costs, so I crunched some numbers for last year. I based thin on Cot's contracts information with no idea how accurate that information is, but I figure it's close enough for my purposes. team league W L payroll cost/win WSN NL 98 64 $92,534,929.00 $944,233.97 CIN NL 97 […]

Better Know a Cub: Brett Jackson

How long does it take to change your swing? Is it even possible to change in your 20's? The answer to these 2 questions will probably tell you all you need to know about Jackson's future with the Cubs. Brett Jackson was drafted in the 1st round of the 2009 draft, at 31st overall. He […]

Myles’ Top 15 Positional Prospects List

Now that I've done the AtP for all of the positional players, I've got my Top 15 prospects list ready. I did it all on my own, but the list is really similar to many of the others out there, with minor variations.  First, I'll explain my methodology. I first made a system from 59 […]