Better Know a Cub: Alberto Cabrera

Rob Deer is known as one of the masters of Three True Outcomes. If Deer didn’t hit a home run or draw a walk, Rob Deer was striking out. Alberto Cabrera was the Rob Deer of pitching in 2012. He faced 99 batters in the MLB in 2012. He let one take him deep, walked […]

Better Know a Cub: Michael Bowden

Michael Bowden was a bit of a mirage last year. Drafted with the 47th overall pick in 2005, Bowden hung around the Boston organization for 7 years, never really showing a whole lot in the majors but nearly always dominating the minor leagues. Michael would hang around the bottom of the BA Top 100 prospect […]

Better Know a Cub: Scott Baker

There is one thing that Tom Ricketts loves above all others, and that is starting pitchers named Scott. He signed Scott Feldman to a one-year, $6 million pact, but the true bargain of the 2 Scotts he signed this year is Scott Baker. Baker signed a $5.5 million deal + incentives, on a one-year “prove […]

Better Know a Cub: Scott Feldman

The offseason following the 2012 has been relatively busy for the Cubs, almost of which has been trades and signings they didn’t make. One of the signings they did make, however, was bringing over Scott Feldman on a one-year, $6 million deal. I don’t really get it.  Scott Feldman is a fair injury risk, missing […]

The Cubs’ 40 Man Roster

This is the Cubs’ 40-man roster. Links to individual player posts (when available) are included. The Cubs’ Player Page is used if I don’t have a Better Know a Cub post up yet. Last Updated: December 16, 2012 Pitchers # Pitchers B/T Ht Wt DOB Scott Baker R-R 6’4″ 215 Sep 19, 1981 28 Michael […]

Better Know a Cub: David DeJesus

David DeJesus is an interesting player. Although he’s never hit more than 13 home runs in a season, he’s always been a pretty useful player. He is not a prototypical RF because he has little power, but he’s not a prototypical leadoff guy because he has no speed. He’s a true #2 hitter; David will […]

Better Know a Cub: Luis Valbuena

Luis Valbuena came to the Cubs in 2012 off of the waiver wire, one of a dozen or so pickups the Cubs’ had during the infancy of last season. Unlike most other wire pickups, though, Valbuena was a position player, and one that would see quite a bit of action in a Cubs’ uniform in […]

The Flagrant Fan on Alfonso Soriano’s Contract

Most of the time when you read an article about Alfonso Soriano's contract, it's about how the bad contract is a reflection on Soriano. The Flagrant Fan writes a nice piece and here's the part that I and others have tried to hammer home for years: What a player makes is the team's problem and […]

Tigers re-sign Anibal Sanchez

The Cubs had reportedly reached an agreement on a 5-year deal for around $75 million with Anibal Sanchez, but then the report was contradicted by many people. We learned this morning that the Tigers had reached an agreement with Sanchez on a 5-year deal for $80 million. CAIRO projects a 3.87 ERA, 3.56 FIP and […]

Cubs Swing And Miss on Sanchez

There 17 minutes where we were all pretty certain that the Cubs were going to sign Anibal Sanchez to a 5 year, 75 million dollar contract. Those were some great times… Obviously, we know what happened next (or at least have a pretty good idea). Sanchez’ agent took the deal back to the Tigers and […]

Better Know a Cub: Travis Wood

Travis Wood is traveling in the wrong direction. Wood made his debut in the majors in 2010, throwing 102.2 innings of 3.51 ERA ball. He wasn’t lucky, either: his FIP was 3.42. As an age-23 season, it was quite impressive: he even threw a 3.31 K/BB ratio in there for good measure. He hasn’t repeated […]

Better Know a Cub: Darwin Barney

Darwin Barney is an odd duck. He doesn’t get on base all that often (.299 OBP last year, .305 career). He has no power (7 HR last year is more than double the amount he has hit in any other year of his professional career).  He doesn’t walk (5.6% last year, 2.4% less than the […]