Season in review: Carlos Marmol

If I told you that in 2012 Carlos Marmol's final stats were like they are below, what would you say? 44 IP, 31 H, 29 BB, 60 K, 3 HR, 2.66 ERA, 3.25 FIP You'd say I was full of shit because that wasn't his final line, but that's what Carlos Marmol did after returning […]

ALCS Preview: Tigers vs. Yankees

I didn't get around to doing a preview for this series so I'm going to link to one that is far better than anything I could have done. SG does fantastic work on RLYW and based on the Oliver projections he's calculated that the Tigers have a 50.3% chance of winning the series. Basically, flip […]

Arbitration salary projections for the Cubs

MLBTR has posted their salary projections for the Cubs arbittation eligible players. The projections are done by Matt Swartz who did a bunch of math and came up with a system to estimate the value that each arbitration eligible player would receieve. First time: Luis Valbuena ($900K), Jeff Samardzija ($2.9MM), James Russell ($900K) Second time: […]

A rough estimate of Justin Upton’s trade value

In the comments awhile back we were talking about the Cubs possibly going after Justin Upton. GW wrote about Towers postseason press conference in which he identified 3 areas the Dbacks will try to get better at. GW said this: The article also confirms they are trying to make room for Adam Eaton in their […]

Cubs prospect all-stars is doing a series that lists the best prospect at each position. The Cubs were up yesterday. It's a pretty good list, but this was a head-scratcher. Utility — Anthony Rizzo, Iowa (70 games), Chicago (87 games): Despite playing only 70 games for the Triple-A Cubs, Rizzo led the organization with 23 homers and […]

Muskat: Top prospect Baez develops in Arizona Fall League

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — At 19, Javier Baez is the second-youngest player in the Arizona Fall League, and he is making a huge jump, competing against players who have been in Double-A or Triple-A. "He's a guy who, mentally, we felt was ready for the Fall League, ready to be pushed like that, ready to be […]

The Worst 20 Cubs Performances in 2012

I already looked at the 20 best, as measured by WPA,so it only seems appropriate to look at the 20 worst. I'll be using WPA again, but it's by no means the only metric you could use to create a similar list. I'll be doing so without any commentary this time and will be breaking […]

2012 Cubs Catching Defense

One of the things I noticed this season with Welington Castillo was that about any time he had an opportunity to make an error, he did. I'm not being serious of course, but it was pretty bad. Only 6 catchers made more errors than Castillo and he only caught 413.2 innings. It also seemed he […]

WAR conversion

Bryan Crosnick calculated the exact way in which we'd put each version of WAR (fWAR, rWAR and WARP) on the same scale. These all use different replacement levels so thanks to his work we can now compare these players using the same replacement level. 2012 fWAR to rWAR Conversion: -0.00094 fWAR/PA 2012 WARP to rWAR […]

The Top 20 Cubs performances in a 2012 game

I was curious which players had the best games in 2012 for this shitty team we follow. I used Win Probability Added (WPA) from Baseball Reference to compile the list. There's no reason to write more of an introduction than that so here they are. 20. Travis Wood, .395 WPA Despite Wood's up and down […]

ALDS series preview: Orioles vs. Yankees

Did anyone think the Orioles would be in the playoffs? Did anyone think the O's might actually pull off the AL East division win? Well, they're in the playoffs and they very nearly won the AL East. The O's essentially replaced the Red Sox so the AL East still had 3 very good teams as […]

Series preview: San Francisco Giants (94-68) vs Cincinnati Reds (97-65)

The Reds jockeyed with several other NL Central teams (including the Pirates!) for the divisional lead for the first half of the season, but after July 19 they moved into first place and never looked back. The closest they got to losing the lead was on August 9th, after NL MVP Shawn Camp exerted his […]