Assume the Position: SS

The future at SS is pretty bright. The Cubs' minor league system features a consensus Top 20 prospect (albeit one with a low floor), an organizational Top 15 prospect (albeit one with a huge issue), and a guy that has incredible tools (though SS might not be his final destination). Without further ado, lets get […]

Should the Cubs go after Michael Bourn

Michael Bourn rumors have been flying around all offseason, but he is still sitting there without a job for 2013. We were told how he'd be one of the most highly sought after free agents this offseason, but perhaps those people who said that need to rethink it. Bourn has had plenty of suitors, but […]

2013 Cubs Projections: Welington Castillo

I know I said I probably wasn't going to do these this year, but I am going to change the format a little bit. I won't be combining 5, 6 or 7 projections to create an average. I will just stick to two: CAIRO and ZiPS. I doubt the average between these two will be […]

Interview with Tom Tango (aka tangotiger)

As most of you probably know, Tom Tango now exclusively consults with the Cubs. This is incredible news: Tom Tango, also knows as tangotiger, is one of the greatest baseball minds in the game today. Many of the foundational statistics that we have today come from The Book, the spiritual successor to The Hidden Game […]

John Sickels’ 2013 Farm System Rankings

John Sickels has published his 2013 farm system rankings and the Cubs are 10th. That's 10 spots better than a year ago. The Cubs system has improved quite a bit. 10) Chicago Cubs (20): Another system that has improved quickly. Strengths: hitting at the top: Javier Baez, Albert Almora, Jorge Soler, Dan Vogelbach is a […]

2013: Are the Cubs .500?

Last year, the Cubs won 61 games. In the offseason, Chicago made the following signings: Edwin Jackson Scott Baker Carlos Villanueva Scott Feldman Nate Schierholtz Scott Hairston Dioner Navarro Kyuji Fujikawa The rest of the team is more-or-less intact: the Cubs basically had no free-agents (they traded everyone that was going to be a free […]

Updated and early CAIRO projected standings

RLYW has released the 3rd version of CAIRO projections and a very early simulation of the 2013 season. The Cubs finish in 5th place in the NL Central and win 73 games. They would also pick 7th in the 2014 Draft. TM W L RS RA Div WC WC2 PS% Reds 90 72 739 659 […]

Tangotiger now consults exclusively with the Cubs

cwolf pointed out an article on Tangotiger's blog in which he says the following: The Cubs are looking for a Director of Research & Development in their Baseball Operations.  If you apply, make sure to say you “heard it from Tango”.  Since we’re on the topic, I am now providing my consulting services exclusively to […]

Assume the Position: 2nd Base

I'm pretty excited about the lower levels of our second basemen, but that's not to say that everything is roses. There's a good chance that the entire upper two levels of minors turns over completely by the end of the year (save Watkins, who might actually graduate to the majors by the end of 2013).  […]

Assume the Position: First Base

First base looks to be quite a bit rosier for the Cubs than catcher does. They Cubs have a budding star at the top and some very intriguing options at the bottom.       Last Year 2013 Career   Name Age AVG OBP SLG wOBA pwOBA AVG OBP SLG wOBA MLB Rizzo 22 0.285 […]

It’s time to get excited about the 2013 Cubs

Spring training is just around the corner and the 2013 Cubs are set to kick off their Cactus League schedule on February 23rd. It's a split squad game and the game against the Angels will even be televised on WGN. It's not until April 1st that non-practice games will be played, but it's time to […]

No Geeks Allowed: Sabermetrics on the Field

There are at least a dozen major league teams that gobble up sophisticated analysts from all corners and use them in any way they can conceive of to improve their valuation of personnel. For years, I wished that the Cubs would be one of those teams, and now that they are, I couldn't be happier […]

A closer look at Josh Vitters

We've already taken a closer look at Brett Jackson so let's now take a closer look at Josh Vitters. He had about the worst imaginable start to his big league career in 2012. Vitters hit .121/.193/.202 over 109 plate appearances. His wRC+ late in the year had dipped to something like -12 and after a […]

Cubs Sign Scott Hairston

The Cubs have come to an agreement with outfielder Scott Hairston on a two year deal that could be worth up to six million dollars. The signing was originally

Assume the Position: Catcher

We are getting very close to catchers and pitchers reporting. We might have one or two moves of significance until that point, but I'm going to assume that our team is essentially what we have in front of us. That being said, I'm going to take a broad look at every position to seem what […]