Daily Facepalm 7-21-14

Did The Cubs Win? Nope. Swept by the Diamondbacks this weekend. Anthony Rizzo is devising innovative ways to help the Cubs lose close games whilst performing admirably. Rizzo hit three homers in the series and is now tied for the NL lead with Giancarlo Stanton. Race To The Top Speaking of which, the Cubs now […]

A Few Good Tweets on Brady Aiken

“I think you’re better off calling Jeff (Luhnow),” Jim Crane tells the Chronicle when asked about Aiken. “You’re ahead of the curve on me.” — Jose de Jesus Ortiz (@OrtizKicks)


Brady Aiken is Not Injured (Or Three Lists of Three)

Today at 4 pm is the signing deadline for draftees. The big story concerns #1 overall pick Brady Aiken, and can be read about here and here. Summary: Aiken has a smaller than normal UCL. The Astros are offering him the minimum amount required by the CBA to an injured draftee (40% of their original deal). Because the […]


Daily Facepalm 7-18-14

Is there a Cubs Game Today? Yes. Finally. The Cubs are on the road in Arizona. JOT Update Kris Bryant, Javier Baez, Addison Russell, and Jorge Soler all homered last night. Baez started at second base last night. He looked OK. There were a couple of batted balls that a player with great range would […]

Consensus Midseason Top 50 Prospects

Top 87, technically. It’s midseason prospect list time. With the release of Keith Law’s top 50 today, a majority of the mavens have now released their midseason updates. I took a look at as many of them as I could,* and combined them to produce a consensus list. *I omitted Bleacher Report, but if someone […]

Why you shouldn’t care that Jeter started the ASG

Today is another day without any baseball. Thanks, Obama! To fill the void, many backseat fans decided to bag on Jeter getting the starting nod in the All-Star Game (it need not be said that fans voted Jeter to start the ASG). The prime argument is that “the games matter!” I’m here to show you how […]

The Burdette (and the mini-Lew)

Since today is a day with absolutely no baseball, I thought it’d be cool to propose a new statistic – or, rather an updated take on a relatively new one. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Maddux. Invented in 2012 by Jason Lukehart, the criteria for a Maddux is simple: Throw a complete game in under […]

“Daily” Facepalm 7-16-14

All-Star Game The AL won the All-Star Game last night 5-3. Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo were both Doolittle’d. The game was mostly a Derek Jeter fawning session. Adam Wainwright did his best to undermine that narrative by saying that he

Journeymen of Tomorrow: 7-15-14

Jacksonville Suns 6 @ Tennessee Smokies 5 Stargazing Stephen Bruno doubled, but that’s all he did. Addison Russell doubled as well, but mixed in a walk for good measure (and neither struck out). Jorge Soler fanned twice and went hitless. Christian Villaneuva doubled twice and walked. Other Performances of Note Pin-Chieh Chen: 2-5, SO Charles […]

Baez’s Futures Game BP and the Homerun Derby

The Homerun Derby starts tonight at 7 pm on ESPN. There are changes in the format this year, but I can’t explain them to you, since I have never payed close enough attention to know the way it used to be. That said, I am going to watch this year, mainly to see whether Giancarlo […]


A Closer Look At Kyle Hendricks’s Debut

Kyle Hendricks was the “other” prospect in the Ryan Dempster trade behind Christian Villanueva. Ostensibly part of Theo’s “get an arm in every trade” mantra, scouts didn’t think that highly of him, but he showed good control in the minor leagues. Hendricks made his major league debut last Thursday for the Cubs. After a rough […]

OV “Daily” Facepalm 7-14-14

Since Brett is sick, with no Bullets for the first time in probably 50 years, it’s time to capitalize and steal some market share. I kid. Javier Baez went way deep in the futures game. Best part of that video is his playful jawing with Bryant as he rounds third. Hopefully his recent hot streak […]


OV “Daily” Facepalm 7-12-14

Did the Cubs Win? Yes. (h/t Aisle424) In Soviet Russia, Prospects Block You Yesterday in the comments it was suggested that perhaps it’s time to send Mike Olt back to AAA and see whether he can sort some things out there. Uncle Dave pointed out that Olt is more or less blocked at both AAA […]