Batman-abbreviated Series Preview: Iowa Cubs of Chicago (42-63) at St. Louis Cardinals (55-50)

I was going to write a longer preview, but I got sucked into this whole “Batman Equation” thing that was running around the internets today



I tried reproducing the result, but the plotting software did not like the equation very much (laughing). In my mathematiciany opinion, the Batman logo probably does solve the equation….but it’s not the only solution.

Here’s the abbreviated, stat-free preview:

The Cardinals sent CF Colby Rasmus along with some spare parts to Toronto for SP Edwin Jackson, RP Octavio Dotel, CF Corey Patterson (dying laughing), and minor league pitcher Marc Rzepczynski (TOR should have thrown in some vowels to be named later in this deal too). The Cards are looking to win now, and Rasmus was having a lousy year relative to his strong debut (2.8 WAR) and even stronger sophomore campaign (4.3 WAR). However,  find it tough to believe that the org soured on his future so much that they would flip him for a journeyman SP whose contract expires at the end of the year (as far as I’m concerned, the spare parts on each side of the deal pretty much cancel out). This was all about TLR’s ego.

Pitching Matchups

Friday: Matt Garza, RHP vs Edwin Jackson, RHP, 7:15 PM CT

If Garza sees yet another performance go to waste, he might murder Jeff Samardzija (laughing). F7 blew the lead in Garza’s last start, and it certainly feels like he’s done that many more times in the past month or so.

Saturday: Rodrigo Lopez, LOL vs Kyle Lohse, RHP, 7:05 PM CT

Somehow Lopez has thrown three quality starts in a row. As Ron Santo would say, That’s Baseball.

Sunday: Ryan Dempster, RHP vs Jake Westbrook, RHP

Westbrook was knocked around by the Cubs back in May, but since then he’s found the heavy sinker that was the reason the Cards signed him. That plays right into the Cubs WAG-happy offensive style. I look forward to half a hundred WAGs dribbling past Theriot.


Cubs lose two out of three. Corey Patterson strikes out 9 times in the series, 2 TOOTBLANs by Theriot.

Are the Cardinals turning into the Orioles of the NL? They seem to be collecting fringy ex-Cubs. Next thing we know they’ll sign Carlos Silva.


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