Daily Facepalm 4.3.13


Draft bonus pools announced

Not shockingly, the Cubs have the second largest bonus pool at ~$10.5m. The Nats have the lowest at ~$2.5m due to their low draft position and losing their pick for signing Rafael Soriano

Cubs sign Ryan Sweeney

The Cubs signed OF Ryan Sweeney to a minor league deal and have him stashed in Iowa. He could see some playing time if/when any of the eminently available OFs on the big league roster are moved. Sweeney had two solid years with the A's in 2009 and 2010, but was relegated to a part time role for the last two years (I'm guessing in a platoon). If it was a platoon, the last two years look especially lousy (.307 and .295 wOBAs). He's got decent OBP skills and can play an average CF, but doesn't have a ton of power.

Scott Boras blindsided by Robinson Cano changing agents to Jay-Z('s agency)

Ryan Dempster was also blindsided by this news.

Carlos Marmol still the closer

Though it certainly seems like his leash is short. There's been lots of argument in the comments over the last two days as to whether yanking Marmol after four batters was the right move on Monday. I still think it was the right move, mostly because I don't think Marmol should be closing in the first place. 

Update on Anthony Rizzo's Home Run

It just landed.

Is there a Cubs game today?

It's Edwin Jackson vs Wandy Rodriguez at 6:05 CT.

Cubs back off on April 1 deadline for Wrigley negotiations (deal close?)

The Cubs backed off from their April 1 deadline the other day, saying that "some progress" was being made. I figured this was just some weak face-saving maneuver to keep negotiating, but now it looks like a deal is close (h/t Bleacher Nation). I'm guessing the final result will be the Cubs settling for a smaller video board than the monster 6000 sqft one that's been bandined around. 

Yu Darvish was one out from a perfect game yesterday

Former Cubs farmhand Marwin Gonzalez broke it up. EPSTINK MUST GO.

Image of the yesterday

Enjoy it while it lasts.


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