Lollygagging Chicago Cubs (56-71) vs. Fun-Having Atlanta Braves (76-52)

Bobby Valentine doesn’t think much of the Cubs, particularly Starlin Castro.  He must have just watched bull Durham or something.

Bobby would definitely support the Cubs’ strict “no dinners” policy, so I fully expect to see him named to be the next manager as long as the Cubs include an expense acount for his disguises.

Meanwhile, the Cubs are going with a non-Starlin lineup for at least the first game. So you may as well try your hand at making money on internet casino by placing your bet on the toughest team, which certainly won’t be the Cubs.  I haven’t seen a statement from Quade or anyone from the Cubs, but Starlin is not in the starting lineup.  I’m assuming his sunflower seeds have also been confiscated.

Jair Jurrjens vs. Ryan Dempster

Jurrjens hasn’t been great lately, but he still sports an overall 2.84 ERA so he’s doing something right.  Dempster, on the other hand, has been more good than bad lately and gotten his ERA down to 4.61, which is a heck of an accomplishment considering his start.  This a game the Cubs need to win if they have delusions of even splitting this series.

Mike Minor vs. Casey Coleman

Mike Minor’s stock as a pitching prospect has fallen, but he’s still better than Casey Coleman. Mike Minor, and to a lesser extent Coleman, are examples of how risky an MLB Draft pick can be much like playing at one of the US casinos. However, the return on your investment if the pick works out will be worth more than your initial investment.

Derek Lowe vs. Randy Wells

The battle of pitchers disappointing the hell out of their fans.  I’d rather be in the position where I’m being disappointed by Derek Lowe’s season, but whatever.

Brandon Beachy vs. Matt Garza

Of course, this is the most intriguing match-up of the series and I’ll be at work.  This is also a must-win for the Cubs if winning or tying this series is at all plausible.  Garza is the unquestionable ace of the Cubs’ staff stuff-wise, and actually came up with a win in his last start as a cherry on top of another outstanding performance.  I don’t know a ton about Beachy, but my fantasy team has benefitted from his consistency this year.

I think the Cubs will get one game, but only because it is so difficult to sweep a four game series.


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