Series Preview: Chicago Cubs (62-81) at New York Mets (70-73)

Have the Cubs even played the Mets this year? I can’t remember (laughing). Apparently the Cubs took two out three from them behind strong performances from Demp and Z.

Team Overview

Cubs Mets
wOBA .315 (8th) .322 (5th)
UBR -11.4 (16th) 1.0 (8th)
UZR -9.1 (10th) -44.5 (16th)
SP FIP 4.23 (12th) 4.12 (10th)
RP FIP 3.87 (9th) 3.91 (12th)

Wow, UZR hates the Mets. DRS has them at -32, with only the Cubs worse than they are (-47).

Pitching matchups

Friday: Casey Coleman, RHP (6.61, 4.77, 4.86, 5.16) vs Mike Pelfrey, RHP (4.68, 4.52, 4.55, 4.11), right now

I thought that Pelfrey was much better this year, but it looks like he’s just been kind of meh. Luckily he doesn’t have to worry too much about giving up runs with the Cubs offense, who had the bases loaded with one out in the first and failed to plate anyone.

Saturday: Randy Wells, RHP (4.86, 5.05, 4.37, 4.13) vs Chris Capuano, LHP (4.63, 3.98, 3.71, 3.79), 12:10 PM CT

A few starts ago I wondered if RAndy Wells was finally back. After a shitty two and a half months following a DL stint, Wells has had four solid starts in a row, including a complete game against the Giants high-A quality offense, and he’s striking out batters at a better clip. On the other hand, he did not get nearly as many ground balls as classic Randy Wells typically would. Four games is a useless sample size anyway (laughing). I’d be interested to hear if the scouts/pfx guys have noticed any changes in the past few weeks.

Capuano has basically been out of baseball since he went down with an elbow injury at the end of 2007. He underwent TJS and it took a long time to get his stuff back. He put up solid numbers late in 2010 with the Brewers, and has been even better this year with the Mets. He always seems to own the Cubs whenever he pitches against them.

Sunday: Matt Garza, RHP (3.52, 2.97, 3.16, 3.90) vs Miguel Batista, he’s still in the majors?? (3.92, 4.76, 5.61, 5.16), 7:05 PM CT

Watch out Jaime Moyer, Batista is coming for you. Though at least Moyer had some justification for teams to keep putting contracts in front of him. Most of that 4.76 FIP that Batista has posted this season was as a reliever, which shows how lousy of a season he’s had. He’s the hammer you use in case of emergency to break the glass that gets you the real hammer you use in case of emergency.


Cubs sweep one for Santo, because why the hell not (laughing)


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