Wild Card Friday “Series” Previews, including an all-new playoff results simulator!

Tonight's games:

St. Louis at Atlanta: Kyle Lohse, RHP (2.86, 3.51, 3.96) vs Kris Medlen, RHP (1.57, 2.42, 2.97), 4:07 PM CT

It's hard to believe that Lohse has put up nearly 11 fWAR since the Cardinals picked him up off the scrap heap. I would say he's a member of the Wandy Rodriguez Hall of Fame, except he's not as good as Wandy. I wouldn't be surprised if Dave Duncan becomes the first pitching coach inducted to the HOF.

I didn't even realize Medlen was a starter until a few weeks ago, let alone that he missed almost all of last year following Tommy John surgery. I think I keep mixing him up with Braves* closer Craig Kimbrel. Though in my defense he's only made 12 starts this year. He's posted a 0.91 ERA in those starts, so he's got that going for him. Note to the Nationals – see how the Braves have their top young pitcher throwing in the playoffs? That would sure be a nice thing to have.

*Thanks to @CapitolAvenue, I keep misspelling the Braves as Barves.

Baltimore at Texas: Joe Saunders, LOL (4.07, 4.08, 4.25) vs Yu Darvish, RHP (3.90, 3.29, 3.52) 7:37 PM CT

I don't know what's more baffling, the Orioles postseason run with a run differential of +7 or the fact that Joe Fucking Saunders put up a 3.63 ERA, 3.77 FIP in the AL east after moving to Baltimore. The Orioles deserve to lose this game on principle for starting Joe Saunders in an elimination game.

Darvish had a rocky first few starts in MLB, walking 13 in 17.2 innings, but since then he's been pretty much exactly what the Rangers have been hoping for. In his debut year, he struck out 221 batters in 191.1 innings and issued 89 walks, posting 5.1 fWAR.


One of the reasons why posts have slowed down here at OV is because we've been working on a top secret wild card playoff game simulator. After weeks of argument and optimization, here's how it works.

  1. Reach into your pocket and grab a coin
  2. Assign one team to each face
  3. Flip it to see what face comes up

The results of this extremely scientific simulator says the winners will be the Braves and the Rangers.


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