Carlos Villanueva, Scott Baker and Scott Feldman combine to make one slightly below average starting pitcher

The Cubs have gone a little nutty in signing as many back-end of the rotation starters as they can find. They grabbed Scott Feldman who would be the worst starter in many rotations and the Cubs rotation is no different. They did sign Scott Baker though he's coming back from injury so we have temper expectations. Then they signed Carlos Villanueva, who hasn't been any good as a starter and pretty good as a reliever.

I decided to check out their CAIRO projections to see what they would combine to be. My thought was that they'd combine to be a little better than average and be projected to pitch a full season in the rotation (combined!). I was wrong.

Scott Baker 6 6 30 30 3 10 25 4.49 4.19 3.82 0.2
Scott Feldman 22 17 100 103 11 29 72 4.55 4.10 3.93 1.1
Carlos Villanueva 36 9 83 81 13 30 70 4.51 4.37 4.45 0.3
Total 64 31 212 214 27 68 167 4.52 4.22 4.20 1.6

It's worth pointing out that Villanueva is projected in the AL so those numbers would be slightly better in the NL. Then again, many of his appearances are as a reliever so those projections will only improve if he's used similarly to these projections. My guess with him is that he'll primarily be a reliever, but get some starts to fill in because of injury and perhaps ineffectiveness.

The group is slightly less valuable than Travis Wood's CAIRO: 166 IP, 1.9 WAR.

Interestingly, Scott Feldman no longer appears to be the worst starter on the roster so he's got that going for him. At least according to CAIRO anyway.