Obstructed View Season Predictions

Our long national nightmare is finally over! The Cubs play today at 1:35 ET, and at around 5:00 ET I will be drunk and the Cubs will be a game out of first place. Now that the season is here, I rounded up all of our contributors and asked around for predictions. Without further ado, let me present them!

  Berselius dmick89 AndCounting Josh GW Myles Aisley
NLC Reds Reds Reds Brewers Cardinals Reds Reds
NLE Nationals Nationals Braves Nationals Braves Nationals Braves
NLW Dodgers Giants Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers Giants
WC1 Braves Cardinals Giants Cardinals Nationals Giants Nationals
WC2 Cardinals Dodgers Nationals Braves Reds Braves Dodgers
ALC Tigers Tigers Royals Tigers Tigers Tigers Tigers
ALE Rays Jays Jays Rays Jays Rays Rays
ALW Angels Rangers Athletics Rangers Rangers Angels Angels
WC1 Rangers Rays  Angels Yankees Angels Jays Rangers
WC2 Jays Angels Tigers Angels Rays Athletics Jays
NL Champ Nationals Cardinals Nationals Brewers Dodgers Giants Nationals
AL Champ Angels Tigers Royals Vacant Tigers Rays Tigers
WS Angels Tigers Royals Brewers Tigers Rays Nationals
Cubs Rec 63-99 75-87 77-85 Horrible Vacant 71-91 62-100
NL MVP Votto Votto Posey Harper Stanton McCutchen Heyward
AL MVP Trout Cano Longoria Longoria Fielder Trout Trout
NL Cy Kershaw Strasburg Halladay   Kershaw Kershaw Cain
AL Cy Verlander Verlander Verlander Verlander Price Price Price
Cubs' MVP Castro Camp Rizzo Lillibridge Rizzo Sappelt E. Jackson

Aisley's picks are forthcoming, he's busy performing up-to-the-minute analysis. 

Interesting things to note: 

There were no consensus division champions.

7 people chose 6 different WS champs; the only two-time selection was the Tigers. 

Verlander had 4 votes for Cy, Price had 3. Kershaw had 3 votes, Strasburg, Cain and Halladay one each.

The consensus (so far) playoff teams: Nationals, Dodgers, Tigers, Angels.

No MVP candidate had more than 3 votes (Trout). Longoria and Votto had 2.

Only Josh and Aisley has an NL team winning the WS.

Resident Optimist dmick89 is only second highest on the Cubs this year; AndCounting thinks the Cubs are winning 77 games!!!