OV Contest mid-season update

At the beginning of the season we started an over/under contest that would take wouldn't reveal a winner until the end of the season.  People chose whether a player would end the season over or under his projections. Under was a bit confusing for pitchers and I made that clear in the post. If you thought the pitcher was going to do better than a 3.5 FIP you chose under. Anyway, we're halfway through the season at this point. Well not yet. In two more games they are. Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to see if anyone has jumped out to a big enough lead.

I just doubled each player's playing time and WAR (average of fWAR and rWAR). If you got it right so far, one point for you. Otherwise it's none. These can still change. Some of the players have performed right along the lines of what we would have expected. I have not yet included Anthony Rizzo or Brett Jackson since we didn't expect them to get much playing time by this point. I threw out Kerry Wood's since he retired. At the end of the season Jackson and Rizzo will be included whether they play all that much or not, but Wood will be thrown out. 

Username Total
berselius 28
Snyds01 28
Tommy (TC) 26
Mark Ammer 26
shawndgoldman 26
ACT 24
mb21 23
SkipVB 23
Mercurial Outfielder 22
cwolf 22
WaLi 21
DamageControlFreak 21
josh 20
koboldekobold 20
WenningtonsGorillaCock 20
Suburban Kid 20
adnielsen 20
GW 19
AndCounting 19
Rice Cube 18
Corms 18
João Lucas Pimenta Pinto 14

berselius, mb21 and AndCounting are highlighed because they are ineligible to win.