Platoon Splits Projections

A couple of years ago berselius used the information in The Book on splits to create a splits projeciton tool. I'm pretty sure this is the tool that SG used on RLWY to provide splits projections. He may have modified it since, but I thought we should look at the Cubs splits projections to see how many possible platoons we could come up with.

Player Projected wOBA Vs L Vs R
Geovany Soto .337 .359 .329
Bryan LaHair .337 .311 .343
David DeJesus .334 .306 .345
Starlin Castro .332 .351 .326
Reed Johnson .328 .348 .316
Alfonso Soriano .326 .341 .321
Blake DeWitt .323 .313 .325
Marlon Byrd .322 .333 .318
Jeff Baker .319 .337 .304
Ian Stewart .316 .298 .321
Welington Castillo .310 .322 .304
Anthony Rizzo .305 .286 .310
Darwin Barney .296 .311 .292

You know you have a pretty good offense when Reed Johnson is making a case to be one of the top 5 hitters in the lineup.


The Cubs don't have a left hitting catcher on this list and Steve Clevenger isn't as good as Castillo. Therefore Soto has to play every day.


Both LaHair and Rizzo hit from the left side and CAIRO expects Lahair to be better at both. Alfonso Soriano's .341 wOBA projection vs lefties would make him an intriguing platoon candidate at this position. Between LaHair's .341 projection vs righties and Soriano's .341 vs lefties the Cubs could add some decent production at 1st base.


The Cubs have Barney, Baker and DeWitt who can all play 2nd base. Baker's .337 vs lefties and DeWitt's .325 vs righties makes these two above league average next year.


Stewart's .321 vs righties could be accompanied by DeWitt's .313 against lefties. The position is a bit below average before factoring in defense and baserunning, but it's better than what Stewart would provide by himself.


Castro's overall .332 projection is among the best on the team. His .351 vs lefties is pretty good, but no shortstop on the roster can match his .326 vs righties.


Vs. lefties we already have Soriano at 1st base and Reed Johnson is better anyway. There's no realistic platoon partner for him in LF. The same is true in the other outfield spots.

The Cubs will just have to get by with their multiple platoons and be happy about it.