Updated and early CAIRO projected standings

RLYW has released the 3rd version of CAIRO projections and a very early simulation of the 2013 season. The Cubs finish in 5th place in the NL Central and win 73 games. They would also pick 7th in the 2014 Draft.

Reds 90 72 739 659 38.7% 8.4% 8.0% 55.0%
Cardinals 87 75 696 650 30.1% 8.8% 8.5% 47.4%
Brewers 79 83 708 736 13.1% 5.7% 6.5% 25.2%
Pirates 78 84 670 688 11.5% 5.3% 6.0% 22.8%
Cubs 73 89 641 706 6.6% 3.0% 3.8% 13.4%

My optimistic prediction was was of course much higher, but I did point out yesterday and probably before that I believe this team will win 72 games as they are right now. If everything goes well, they could reach the postseason, but a 13.4% of doing so isn't exactly a high chance. It's important to consider what SG said in the post about these standings:

As the title says, this is still too early and mostly useless.  So view them in that way.

We might have a pretty good idea of what the Cubs team will look like, but there are still several teams that we're not sure of. As we get closer to the start of the season these won't be so useless anymore.