Congratulations to our finalists – 2 Days Left to Vote

As we've said before, the finalists for the OV Slogan Contest are in, but we haven't officially officially announced who came up with those five fabulous slogans. They all win copies of the Essential Games of the Chicago Cubs DVD Series and a chance at an Obstructed View t-shirt or OV personal grooming tool. So here's where we turn the voting into a popularity contest. Without further ado, the authors and their slogans:

Phil: Because we have to

Kim: Year of the facepalm

Nick: Don't say we didn't warn you.

Josh: Right town. Right team. Wrong year.

Eric: If rebuilds were easy, anyone could do it.

So, now that we've brought personal bias into this, don't hesitate to vote repeatedly for whoever you think you can recognize on a first-name basis.

UPDATE: The erroneous caption credits have been fixed. I think. h/t Nick (dying laughing)