OV Forum Update

When we first started our forum we used a plugin that didn't end up working well with a later theme we used so we switched to bbpress. In the process, about 2500 posts were lost, which has always bugged me. I keep Another Cubs Blog around because it's content that myself and others spent a great deal of time putting together. It means something. It probably means more to me than most, and I admittedly rarely use it, but when I recall writing an article, I can find it and link it. I like that. That's what the internet is for.

Those forum topics and posts are back, along with the bbpress ones, Both have been migrated to Vanilla Forums (free version) and it's ready to use now. Click the link below.

Obstructed View Forum

You're able to link your WordPress account with the new forum, but I believe you'll first have to do a password reset within Vanilla. Honestly, I'm now sure. I've created and deleted so many users over the last few weeks and I can't remember. It's not difficult. Maybe you can simply be logged into WordPress and click the Login with Obstructed View thingy on the forum and all will be good. Maybe you'll first have to do a password reset from within Vanilla. I'd suggest you use the same password you use for OV to make the linking process easier, but whatever.

If you notice a problem, set up a new thread. The forums we used before (Obstructed View, Entertainment, etc.) are now just categories so pick whichever one is appropriate when making a new thread. If you have problems logging after a reset, use the contact link at the top of the page to contact me.

I'll soon be replacing the sidebar widgets with new ones for this forum.