2012 Cubs ZiPS Projections, Part 2

We looked at the ZiPS projections for the batters already so here are the pitchers. Player IP H HR BB K ERA FIP Matt Garza 194.3 176 19 64 181 3.52 3.60 Andrew Cashner 64.7 59 5 30 51 3.76 4.02 Ryan Dempster 174.0 172 21 67 153 4.24 4.17 Carlos Zambrano 137.7 136 14 […]

2012 Cubs ZiPS Projections, Part 1

Dan has already released the 2012 ZiPS for the Cubs so I thought I’d highlight several players and post them here. Player PA H HR BB K AVG OBP SLG wOBA Carlos Pena 522 101 28 82 145 .230 .355 .480 .360 Aramis Ramirez 502 130 21 38 69 .280 .340 .474 .350 Bryan LaHair […]

2012 Cubs CAIRO Projections, Part 2

Below are the pitching projections for SG’s CAIRO. ZiPS is already out so I’ll post the batter projections later today. Name IP HR BB SO RA ERA FIP Matt Garza 194 21 64 177 4.11 3.65 3.66 Ryan Dempster 200 22 76 184 4.55 4.14 3.83 Carlos Zambrano 103 10 44 81 4.39 4.11 4.05 […]

2012 Cubs CAIRO Projections, Part 1 ***UPDATED***

We can thank the Yankees early exit from the playoffs for SG’s CAIRO being released so early. For those of you who read ACB, the format for these projections will be similar. For those who didn’t, what we try to do is post the relevant information for each Cubs player. Last year we tended to […]

What about Yu Darvish?

Yu Darvish could be posted by his Japanese team this winter makng him available to all 30 MLB clubs. He turned 25 years old on August 16th so 2012 would be his age 25 season. That’s one year younger than Daisuke Matsuzaka who Darvish will often be compared to in the coming months. It’s an […]

2012 NL Central Champion Cubs, part 4

Our current 2012 roster has a payroll of roughly $100 million and this year’s payroll was $135 million. Our team is roughly a 73 win team so we need to add a lot of wins with $35-40 million. We have a couple holes so let’s start there and look at the available free agents. Actually, […]

2012 NL Central Champion Cubs, part 3

Wreckard took a look at how the 2007 Cubs improved compared to the 2006 team and what kind of improvements this current team would need to make for next year. In the first part of this series. we took a look at payroll and named several players the Cubs should keep if they plan to contend […]

2012 NL Central Champion Cubs, part 2

In part 1 we found that there were currently 13 players on the Cubs roster that the Cubs want to keep assuming they try to contend next year, which they will. We left off talking briefly about Aramis Ramirez and the club option the Cubs hold for $16 million (or a $2 million buyout). Using […]

2012 NL Central Champion Cubs, part 1

As much as I’ve written about the need to rebuild, it’s not going ot happen. The Cubs have some decent players on their roster and some you’d really like to get rid of. Since they’re planning on contending, we have to first figure out which of the current players on the roster are worth keeping […]

What the Cubs may soon look like

The Cubs are 8.5 games out of first place and it’s just the first of June. Their pythagorean record is even worse than their actual 23-30 record. Pythag has them at 22-31. The only team with a worse Pythag than the Cubs is the Houston Astros at 22-33. Minnesota is worse in the AL at […]

It’s never too early to look ahead to next year

A few years ago I wouldn’t have considered writing something about looking ahead. The Cubs had the pieces in place to contend for as long as they were willing to supplement the roster when it was needed. Following the 2009 season the Cubs refused to do that and what they basically agreed to do at […]