Series Preview: Houston Astros (38-78) at Chicago Cubs (44-69)

The Cubs are 7.5 games out of the top pick in the 2013 draft, and can pick up some ground on the loss-leading Astros in this series. The Cubs have done their part, going 2-11 over the past two weeks but barely made a dent in the Astros lead after they went 3-10 over the […]

Series Preview: Chicago Cubs (10-13) at Arizona Diamondbacks (10-13)

The Cubs basically canceled yesterday’s game because they didn’t like the matchup. No other explanation makes sense to me – the rain had passed the Chicago area after an hour or two, and it didn’t look like there were further huge storms that could delay ther teams’ flights out of town. I think it had […]

Diamondbacks @ Cubs

Just the numbers from now on. RS equals Runs Saved on defense. Diamondbacks wOBA wRC RS Cubs wOBA wRC RS Willie Bloomquist .296 .409 -0.13 Kosuke Fukudome .343 .602 -0.06 Chris Young .339 .571 0.00 Starlin Castro .332 .545 -0.03 Kelly Johnson .360 .650 -0.01 Marlon Byrd .338 .564 -0.01 Justin Upton .381 .712 0.03 […]

Series Preview: Arizona Diamondbacks (1-1) at Chicago Cubs (1-2)

All I should have to say about yesterday’s game is that the Cubs lost on a 2-run infield single. It was that kind of day. However, despite the fact that the Cubs lost two games to the emintently beatable Pirates there were things to be happy about. Here’s a breakdown of what we learned The […]