Kris Bryant Goes Crazy: Minor League Recap 10/18/13

Lots of Cubs got some action in Arizona today. The best day was Kris Bryant who hit 2 home runs and now has 4 on the season in the Arizona Fall League. Albert Almora: 1-6, 1 2B, 0 R, 0 RBI, 0/2/4 FB/GB/LD Albert Almora grounds out, second baseman Joe Wendle to first baseman Travis […]

2013 Cubs Prospects In Review: Armando Rivero

It's hard to get excited about middle relief prospects. I know that I certainly poked my share of fun at the Rivero signing when it was made. He got $3.1 million, and Brett had this to say:  While he may prove a valuable piece of the bullpen in future years, this is simply about accumulating talented […]