“Daily” Facepalm – 11.3.13 : Deckchair removed from Titanic

Brad Ausmus to manage Tigers Ausmus is currently in Detroit finalizing the deal. Hopefully the contact includes a clause requiring Ausmus to smoke five packs a day to ensure continuity with previous leadership. Gammons originally quasi-connected the Cubs with Ausmus weeks ago, though it was unclear whether there was actually any interest or if it […]

Dale Sveum fired

Per Ken Rosenthal, the Cubs fired Dale Sveum today. Honestly, I would have been okay with this whichever way it went. I was never super enamored with Sveum, but I don't think he's awful either. The best guess is that Sveum was fired due to some combination of: Starlin Castro regressed big time this year […]

Something about Brad Ausmus replacing Dale Sveum

I don't really care whether or not Brad Ausmus replaces Dale Sveum, but someone here might so here's what Julie has to say. I didn't read it all and don't care because it's just rearranging deck chairs. If it happens, it's not a big deal. Zero wins added. O deck chairs added.