Breaking Bad: Felina

Well, tomorrow is the final Breaking Bad episode. I figured I’d go ahead and post this early. If you don’t want spoilers up to and including the series finale, go away. Felina could simply be an anagram. Vince Gilligan mentioned this. It could mean Blood (Fe), Meth (Li), Tears (Na). There’s been enough blood throughout […]

Breaking Bad: Granite State

Open discussion for penultimate episode of Breaking Bad that aired on AMC on Sunday, September 22, 2013. The title is Granite State. Leave now if you want no spoilers.

Breaking Bad: Ozymandias

Discussion for Breaking Bad episode 5-14 titled Ozymandias (aired on Sunday, September 16, 2013) so if you're not interested in spoilers, leave now.

Breaking Bad: To’hajiilee

This thread will contain spoilers for season 5, episode 13 of Breaking Bad, which aired on Sunday, September 8, 2013. Jesus, this episode was fucking tense.

Breaking Bad: Buried

Open thread for Breaking Bad episode 5.10. Don’t read the comments unless you want spoilers.

Breaking Bad: Blood Money

Discuss the Breaking Bad season 5b premiere here if you'd like. It should go without saying, but if you have not seen the episode, enter at your own risk.

Sunday Facepalm

Pike County officials raided a pair of meth labs on Friday night and Saturday morning. Five people from Indiana were arrested when police raided a meth lab. An anonymous tip led police to arrest this woman for making meth. They learned she had bought psuedo 19 times since November of 2010.  These raids have created 3 new […]

Best of Breaking Bad Season 4

This is a couple weeks old, but I just happened to find it today so sue me. They’re wondering what the BB fans think was the best episode in this last season. There were so many great moments throughout the season. It seemed every week we were talking about how it was an Emmy moment […]

Breaking Bad: End Times

Walt, left just over the edge of sanity from the events of last week, is left with too little money, too little leverage and too many people to protect. 

Breaking Bad: Salud

I don’t see how this season comes down to anything other than this faceoff from last season resulting in the death of one of them.