Who do the Cubs trade for Theo Epstein?

The Cubs hired Theo Epstein 4 months ago and it was about that time that we were told the two sides were on the 5-yard line regarding compensation. I can only assume that Ken O'Keefe is running the offense. Every week we're told that Bud Selig will resolve the compensation issue soon. Each week goes […]

DFP 1-12-30: He Saw It All

In Peace Henry Widegren was the rarest of Cubs fans. A lot of people can say they’re the biggest fan or the craziest fan or the fan least likely to succeed (I’m not sure why people would say such things, but they can without any real basis for dispute), but Henry could boast of something few […]

More on Theo Epstein compensation

Nick Cafardo hears from one AL executive that the compensation for Theo Epstein will likely be significant. 10. The Cubs and Red Sox will soon meet with a representative of the Commissioner’s Office or the commissioner himself to discuss the Epstein compensation issue. The best school of thought on this comes from an AL GM […]

Bud Selig is Mad Everyone Knows He’s an Unfeeling Asshole

Bud Selig is none too happy with the Mets.  Apparently, Bud wanted to deny them the ability to wear NYPD, NYFD, and other first responders’ hats in favor of the the MLB sanctioned hats (which are on sale now, by the way!) and have them just shut up and do what he said.  It was, […]

Expand the Playoffs ASAP

Major League Baseball should add more playoff teams. Now. And they shouldn’t stop at just one more wild card team. They might as well add two and force one of the division winners to prove themselves with an extra postseason round.  Bud Selig reiterated this week his belief that the playoff field would expand to […]