Tigers sign Prince Fielder to silly contract

The Tigers signed Prince Fielder to a 9 year, $214 million contract yesterday. Scott Boras did his client well in getting him nearly $24 million per year. My first thought when I heard of this contract was that it had to be the worst contract in baseball history. The only other contract that blew my […]

Platoon Splits Projections

A couple of years ago berselius used the information in The Book on splits to create a splits projeciton tool. I'm pretty sure this is the tool that SG used on RLWY to provide splits projections. He may have modified it since, but I thought we should look at the Cubs splits projections to see […]

A comparison of two prospects: Brett Jackson and Anthony Rizzo

The Cubs recently acquired top prospect Anthony Rizzo and some thought he may be the top prospect in the Cubs organization. I didn’t see how that would be possible when you consider their positions and John Sickels agrees with that. Both Brett Jackson and Rizzo were the top prospects of their organizations according to Baseball […]

Another shitty Cubs season in review: Carlos Pena

Carlos Pena signed a 1-year, $10 million contract with the Cubs last offseason. We knew a few things about Pena: he wasn’t going to hit for average, he would take a lot of walks and have a solid OBP and he would hit for some power. The league batting average last year was .255 and […]

Cubs close to trading Sean Marshall for Travis Wood?

According to Bruce Levine the Cubs and Reds are close on a deal that would send Sean Marshall to the Reds for 24 year old left-handed starter Travis Wood and two minor leaguers. We found that Marshall has a surplus trade value of about $6.5 million so this seems like a great trade for the […]

CAIRO’s Extremely Early Projected Standings

SG published the first projected standings for his CAIRO projections (version .3) yesterday. They make a lot more sense to me than the early Oliver projections. TM W L RS RA Div WC PL Brewers 92 70 700 646 52.5% 14.3% 66.7% Cardinals 90 72 708 648 36.8% 19.3% 56.2% Reds 84 78 724 704 […]

Cubs sign David DeJesus

The Cubs have signed right fielder David DeJesus to a 2-year contract with a third year club option. It’s reportedly a 2-year deal for $10 million. Not sure how much the club option year is worth. Before I move on, how would you even Quadify this guy’s name? Would it be Davey? DeJey? Jesusy? DeJesus […]

Cubs news and rumors

Manager MILWAUKEE — The Cubs will meet Wednesday with Brewers hitting coach Dale Sveum about their vacant managerial position. Sveum was already scheduled to travel here to meet with the Red Sox about a their manager job. Chicago general manager Jed Hoyer said there is no favorite among the candidates and no deadline to select […]

2012 Cubs CAIRO Projections, Part 2

Below are the pitching projections for SG’s CAIRO. ZiPS is already out so I’ll post the batter projections later today. Name IP HR BB SO RA ERA FIP Matt Garza 194 21 64 177 4.11 3.65 3.66 Ryan Dempster 200 22 76 184 4.55 4.14 3.83 Carlos Zambrano 103 10 44 81 4.39 4.11 4.05 […]

2012 Cubs CAIRO Projections, Part 1 ***UPDATED***

We can thank the Yankees early exit from the playoffs for SG’s CAIRO being released so early. For those of you who read ACB, the format for these projections will be similar. For those who didn’t, what we try to do is post the relevant information for each Cubs player. Last year we tended to […]