Series Preview: New York Mets (22-24) @ Chicago Cubs (20-25)

Berselius refused to show up for work so that left the rest of us scrambling around to find a replacement. We couldn't find any qualified applicants though we thank you for your interest, so I'm going to go ahead and do his job for him. He has been punished and will not be having dinner […]

Series Preview: Chicago Cubs (17-23) at Florida Marlins (24-16)

The battle for 4th place is heating up, as the Pirates have topped the Cubs three game losing streak with a six game slide of their own. Luckily for the Pirates the Cubs are heading to Florida, a state were they’ve traditionally been steamrolled. At least it’s only 2 games – the Cubs play the […]

How much have the injuries cost the Cubs, and projecting Doug Davis

Randy Wells and Andrew Cashner were placed on the DL following their first start of the season. Each is currently rehabbing in Arizona and just began facing live batters this week. Wells is a bit ahead of Cashner, but neither pitcher is probably going to be back with the big league club by the end […]

Series Preview: St. Louis Cardinals (20-15) at Chicago Cubs (15-18)

The Cubs stranded approximately 215 baserunners in the last series against the Reds, and I don’t know if I should be encouraged by the numbers of batters who got on base or discouraged by the fact that the only win the Cubs got in the series was on a 9th inning, down by one rally […]

Cubs rWAR and fWAR

Most of you are at least somewhat familiar with WAR and how it works. I’d bet most of you are familiar that Fangraphs publishes their own WAR (fWAR) and Baseball Reference publishes their own. BRef’s WAR is based on Rally Monkey’s formula and it’s been referred to as rWAR for a few years now. There […]

Series Preview: Cincinnati Reds (16-15) at Chicago Cubs (14-16)

The Cubs went 4-3 on their trip out west, and a winning record on any such trip is a nice feat no matter the quality of the teams played. Today they start a 2 plus week stretch of games against good to great teams, capped off by an inevitable steamrolling in Fenway. They start this […]

When could Wells and Cashner return?

LOS ANGELES — Cubs pitchers Andrew Cashner and Randy Wells headed to Arizona on Wednesday to continue their rehab there and both could be facing batters next week. — Carrie Muskat So let’s say they begin facing batters on Monday, May 9th. They get their 4 days off and go back out to face some […]

Series Preview: Chicago Cubs (10-13) at Arizona Diamondbacks (10-13)

The Cubs basically canceled yesterday’s game because they didn’t like the matchup. No other explanation makes sense to me – the rain had passed the Chicago area after an hour or two, and it didn’t look like there were further huge storms that could delay ther teams’ flights out of town. I think it had […]

Colorado Rockies @ Chicago Cubs (WRONG!)

Rained out. Makeup scheduled for the end of June. GamedayB-Ref Preview Rockies wOBA wRC RS Cubs wOBA wRC RS Dexter Fowler .347 .58 -.03 Kosuke Fukudome .342 .56 -.06 Jonathan Herrera .298 .38 .02 Starlin Castro .332 .51 -.03 Carlos Gonzalez .381 .67 .00 Jeff Baker .312 .42 -.01 Troy Tulowitzki .382 .66 .04 Aramis […]

Series Preview: Colorado Rockies (14-7) at Chicago Cubs (10-11)

After hosting the Cubs last week, the Rockies dropped a series at home vs the Giants and lost 2 of 3 against the Marlins, where they were nearly no-hit on Friday by Anibal Sanchez. They no longer have the best record in baseball (that belongs to the Phillies) but they’re one game off the pace. […]

Cubs compared to their projections

I wrote this on Friday morning so it’s updated through Thursday’s games. I’m too lazy to update it to include Friday’s blowout loss. This is something I’ll try to update once a month just so we can see where players are at compared to their projections. It’s something SG has done on RLYW a few […]

Cubs @ Brewers, 1:10 pm

  Cubs wOBA wRC RS Brewers wOBA wRC RS Kosuke Fukudome .343 .594 -0.13 Rickie Weeks .349 .622 -0.02 Starlin Castro .332 .537 -0.03 Carlos Gomez .297 .396 0.04 Marlon Byrd .338 .556 -0.01 Ryan Braun .378 .714 -0.07 Aramis Ramirez .350 .586 -0.03 Prince Fielder .404 .795 -0.03 Carlos Pena .378 .675 -0.01 Mark […]

Cubs @ Brewers

The Cubs have recalled Jeff Stevens and officially placed Randy Wells and Andrew Cashner on the DL. Casey Coleman will be called up prior to Sunday’s start and presumably James Russell will get the start on Tuesday in Cashner’s place. Onto the game tonight. Cubs wOBA wRC RS Brewers wOBA wRC RS Jeff Baker .312 […]

Series Preview: Chicago Cubs (3-3) at Milwaukee Brewers (3-4)

The Cubs won the Arizona series but came away less two members of the rotation. They head to Milwaukee, who are coming off three straight wins against the Atlanta Braves. Ryan Braun and Rickie Weeks have gotten off to hot starts but the rest of the lineup hasn’t started hitting yet. Here’s a look at […]