The Crosstown Classic: Two Teams, One Cup, Zero Fucks Given

From what I'm seeing on Twitter, we're talking about the Crosstown Cup already. Oh goody. To borrow from the late, great Roger Ebert: I hate this series. I hate hate hate hate hate this series. Hate it. Hate every simpering stupid vacant fan-insulting moment of it. Hate the sensibility that thought anyone would still like it. Hate the implied insult to […]

A Two-Week Season: The Dale Sveum Chicago Cubs

I know the numbers don't mean a ton at this point in the season; eleven games does not a representative sample make, especially not for any one player. And as a team, there's still far too little to effectively evaluate how good bad the 2013 Cubs will be . . . as a team. But if you […]

Assume the Position: First Base

First base looks to be quite a bit rosier for the Cubs than catcher does. They Cubs have a budding star at the top and some very intriguing options at the bottom.       Last Year 2013 Career   Name Age AVG OBP SLG wOBA pwOBA AVG OBP SLG wOBA MLB Rizzo 22 0.285 […]

Garza and Cubs vs. Lilly and Dodgers (for 3 innings or so)

The Cubs are taking on the Dodgers today in the latest practice game.  You can watch on WGN-TV, keep track on Gameday, or listen to the MLB broadcast in Gameday Audio.  The game begins at 2pm Central Time.  Probably. We really can't be sure. Cubs lineup: Kim DeJesus' husband – RF Asshair Burner – 2B […]

Series Preview: Philadelphia Phillies (59-35) at Whitney Young Dolphins (38-58)

Technically, the Phillies have the best record in MLB. And technically, the Cubs have the second worst. So technically, the Phillies should slaughter the Cubs. But on artistic merit, the Cubs have a clear advantage and should dominate the series. Paul McCartney is playing Wrigley at the end of the month, so I really don’t […]