Cubs Free Agent Contest Update

The World Series ended and so did time to enter the OV Cubs free agent contest. Since I can no longer do math in spreadsheets, I handed the job off to GW who was politely agreed I'm useless. He did the work and here is who we bet our points on, in order. Player Totals […]

Cubs free agent contest

I'll just say right now that there is nothing to win, but bragging rights. So if you're someone wanting to win something, well, we can give you a Kyuji Fujikawa bobblehead and that's it. Seriously, if you really want the bobblehead, we'll send it along. So if that's incentive, great. Otherwise, there is none. It's […]

OV’s Free Agent Frenzy

We figured we may as well have a free agent contest this offseason. The winner will get 5 free subscriptions to Obstructed View along with bragging rights for a full calendar year. I took the top free agents from this article. I took out Dan Haren because I can't imagine his option not being exercised. […]

Obstructed View Projections Contest Results

Prior to the start of the season we set up an over/under projections contest. It was rather extensive so fewer people than we'd hoped entered the contest. Plus, there aren't all that many people who are dying to have an Obstructed View t-shirt. There just aren't. Really, trust us. It was a long survey. We […]

Because We Have To

The winner of the Obstructed View Unofficially Official 2013 Chicago Cubs Slogan* Contest has been chosen. There were so many great entries, in a way you are all winners, but in a more accurate way, there was only the one winner.  By virtue of a plurality of the popular vote by our readers (and possibly […]

Contest winners

In order to ship The Essential Games of The Chicago Cubs to our winners, we will need home addresses. The 5 winners were listed here and Nick has won the t-shirt so we'll also need to know which t-shirt and what size he wants. If the winners could send an email to with the […]

Vote for our 2013 slogan

We have chosen the 5 finalists and each person responsible for writing it will receive a copy of The Essential Games of the Chicago Cubs. We're letting you vote on the winner who will also receive an Obstructed View t-shirt. Voting is open on Facebook through next Wednesday. You can access the poll directly by […]

The Essential Games of the Chicago Cubs DVD Contest

This past season we used the slogan "This is a year" for the Cubs. Since the season is ending the new one unofficially beginning when this one does end, so it's time for a new slogan. We're going to let you guys come up with it. The winners will receive The Essential Games of the […]

OV Contest mid-season update

At the beginning of the season we started an over/under contest that would take wouldn't reveal a winner until the end of the season.  People chose whether a player would end the season over or under his projections. Under was a bit confusing for pitchers and I made that clear in the post. If you […]

An Obstructed View Contest: Enter Now And Win Big

Over the course of the offseason we've published the various projections for players and have been calculating an average with them. One thing we like to talk about is whether or not a player is going to beat his projections, or underperform them. Over the course of the season we tend to say we thought […]

The Obstructed View t-shirt winner is…

jherky. Suburban Kid looked to be the winner entering the bottom of the 13th, but thanks to Reed Johnson, Darwin Barney, an intentional walk to Starlin Castro and a 3-run home run by Geovany Soto, jherky wins. He, along with Megan, both predicted the Cubs would go 11-18 in the month of June. Megan predicted […]

Contest update

In early June we set up a contest where the winner would win an Obstructed View t-shirt. All you had to do was guess what the Cubs record in June was going to be. The tiebreakers were runs scored, runs allowed and the number of hits by Starlin Castro. With 5 games left in the […]

Win an Obstructed View t-shirt

UPDATE: There are 29 games in June. I can’t count. If you’ve left a prediction already, please update it. Thanks and sorry. We’ve gotten dozens and dozens of emails, faxes, and letters thanking us for our Obstructed View shirts and other merchandise. Now you can get one for free. All you have to do is […]