I headed down to the first of four Season Ticket Holder events that the Cubs are putting on today and tomorrow at the Bank of America Theatre downtown. I met up with Ivy Chat Chuck (who I hope will also write his perspective) and we bumped into Tom Ricketts before the show started. As I […]

A Sign of Progress?

Adam Greenberg will not get his desired one at-bat as a member of the Chicago Cubs. As Paul Sullivan reports in the Trib, if he bats anywhere in the majors, it will have to be with a team that is not the Cubs. Jed Hoyer made it pretty clear he was not interested: “Adam made […]

Phil Rogers is not a Crane Kenney fan

#reminder { background: #BECDC6; padding: 6px; font-size: 12px; margin: 0px 12px 8px 12px; } Contest reminder: Don't forget to enter our contest to win The Essential Games of the Chicago Cubs DVD set. It runs through Sunday, August 19. Phil Rogers wonders why, if the Cubs were cleaning house in the front office this week, […]

Cubs Want to Get PAID For the Rights to Televise Them Lose Games

I've been a bit distracted lately as I've been thinking about cats again, but as we all know (I'm assuming), Spring Training is here! With the bunting tournament in full half-swing and Kerry Wood drilling Castro on the wrist today, we're starting to see news on a more regular basis coming from the beat reporters. […]

Some thoughts on the so-called team meetings

On Saturday Tim explained how silly the Cubs are, but I came to a much different conclusion than he did after reading the same thing. Let me start with just quoting some of the same things Tim did. General manager Jim Hendry and assistant GM Randy Bush will preside over the two days of meetings. […]

Even Phil Rogers is sometimes right

Phil Rogers wonders how much longer Jim Hendry and Crane Kenney will be employed by the Cubs in his most recent article. In baseball, you usually can see the end coming, whether it’s for a player, manager or executive. It was a relief for almost everyone, not a surprise, when Lou Piniella opted to resign […]

Phil Rogers is Still Wrong – Because He HAS TO

MB, you ignorant slut. As someone who has been around the Cubs blogosphere for as long as you have, you should know damn well that Phil Rogers is never right about anything.  I’m fairly certain he needs a couple of tries to get his own name right in the byline. It was disturbing to realize […]