Daily Facepalm 3.5.12 – Random state laws edition

This week in state laws Lots of discussion in the comments this morning about state liquor and marriage laws yesterday. Apparently WaLi tried to get drunk and marry his cousin yesterday, and needed to make sure what states he was allowed to do that in. Is there a Cubs game today? The Cubs play an […]

OV Pic of the Day: Dempster Doesn’t Have a Good Poker Face

So, I’ve been at work and wasn’t able to pay much attention to the rubber game against the Phillies today.  With Ryan Dempster going up against rookie starter, Vance Worley, you had to figure the Cubs had as good a shot as they could expect to take the series from the best team in the […]

Series Preview: Chicago Cubs (19-23) at Boston Red Sox (23-20)

This could be interesting. Or very ugly. If you’re looking to be patronized, be sure to check out today’s column by Gordon Edes. Team Overview Team stats with respective league rankings wOBA: Sox: .331 (7th), .328 (3rd) UZR: Sox: 5.1 (5th), Cubs: -6.7 (11th)DRS: Sox: -16 (12th), Cubs: -28 (15th)SP FIP: Sox: 4.25 (12th), Cubs: […]

Chicago Cubs @ Los Angeles Dodgers

GamedayBRef Preview Cubs wOBA wRC RS Dodgers wOBA wRC RS Starlin Castro .330 .52 -.03 Jamey Carroll .346 .59 -.02 Darwin Barney .297 .39 .03 Jerry Sands .326 .50 .00 Marlon Byrd .334 .51 -.01 Andre Ethier .374 .65 -.01 Aramis Ramirez .347 .54 -.03 Matt Kemp .356 .57 -.02 Geovany Soto .353 .55 -.01 […]

Colorado Rockies @ Chicago Cubs

GamedayB-Ref Preview Rockies wOBA wRC RS Cubs wOBA wRC RS Dexter Fowler .347 .58 -.03 Starlin Castro .342 .56 -.03 Jonathan Herrera .298 .38 .02 Darwin Barney .293 .36 .03 Todd Helton .345 .54 -.01 Marlon Byrd .338 .52 -.01 Troy Tulowitzki .382 .66 .04 Aramis Ramirez .350 .54 -.03 Jose Lopez .335 .48 .06 […]

Probably something about nothing

Prior to tomorrow's game we'll be posting the final NL Central interview. I had planned to post it this evening, but I thought I'd throw something else together. Anyone who has read much of anything of mine over the years knows that I'm not one of those people who goes nuts over pitch counts. That […]