2012: Worst Cubs Team In My Life

A couple weeks ago I showed that the current Cubs offense was performing as poorly as any Cubs team in history. Their 77 wRC+ (at the time and still today) was tied for second worst in their history. wRC+ is but one metric that measures offense. It's based on Tangotiger's wOBA. Baseball Prospectus has a […]

5th worst start for the Cubs ever

Chris Jaffe looked at the Cubs worst starts and found that this 15-31 bunch ties for 5th worst with the 1962 team. Jaffe's article is worth a read. It's a brief article so it won't take you very long. Last night I became curious how well the Cubs would have to play the rest of […]

Cubs Are #1! (In the 2013 Amateur Draft Pick Race)

In what is sadly becoming an annual tradition, OV has unveiled this years' version of our reverse standings.  A few people have been asking for it sooner, but I had wanted to wait until the Cubs had fallen at least 10 games back in the standings to officially unveil our recognition that no miracle will […]

Carlos Marmol and Kerry Wood working on stuff

I’m not sure why it made me laugh, but I saw on today that Kerry Wood was working on stuff to regain his form. CHICAGO — Kerry Wood has been a little inconsistent, but Cubs manager Mike Quade said the right-hander is healthy and just needs time. “He’s obviously capable of dominating and pitching […]

A Tale of Two Sluggers

It was the worst of times, it was the best of times.They were the suckiest of sluggers, they were the strongest of sluggers. They couldn’t hit, they couldn’t be retired. This is the tale of two sluggers who gave us two quarter seasons of two extremes . . . that apparently made no difference. Aramis […]