A 2013 Cubs Contender, Part 1

RC has been insistent about wondering how the Cubs may contend in 2013. I've been meaning to write something about it for some time, but can't help but think the Cubs are a long way away from contention. 2013 doesn't seem possible, but it's always possible. How can they do it? After thinking about this […]

Don’t Ever Bet On the Cubs at Home

Today, I happened upon a site looking at how well you would do historically if you bet on the Cubs regularly. Obviously, (and I don’t think we needed actual data to convince us of this) the result of such betting would have been bad.  Not Oh-Darn-I-Guess-I-Won’t-Be-Able-to-Buy-That-iPad-Now bad, but more like Holy-Shit-I’m-Now-Homeless bad. I don’t fully […]

Top Ten Highlights of the Cubs Game Tonight

10. Ryan Dempster getting his one out of the evening. 9. Koyie Hill hitting a homerun. 8. Al Yellon and Buster Olney arguing on Twitter over whether Justin Berg hit Justin Upton on purpose.  7. No killer tornadoes hit the stadium. 6. The NFL Draft, NBA playoffs, and Michael Scott’s farewell provided some distraction. 5. […]

Searching For a Ray of Sunshine on an Otherwise Craptastic Day

Today has been a rough day to be a Cubs fan.  Everything got off to a bad start this morning as we awaited word on Andrew Cashner’s MRI results.  But we can look to to point us to the light and make the best of a bad situation.  Surely, Carrie Muskat will give us […]