“Daily” Facepalm – 11.3.13 : Deckchair removed from Titanic

Brad Ausmus to manage Tigers Ausmus is currently in Detroit finalizing the deal. Hopefully the contact includes a clause requiring Ausmus to smoke five packs a day to ensure continuity with previous leadership. Gammons originally quasi-connected the Cubs with Ausmus weeks ago, though it was unclear whether there was actually any interest or if it […]

Terry Francona wants Cubs job?

Dave Van Dyck is reporting that a source close to Terry Francona is saying that Tito “deep down” badly wants to manage the Cubs. For his part, Francona says he is “trying to stay under the radar” with his unspoken candidacy, but a source very close to him says “deep down” he badly wants to […]

Cubs managerial candidate test

The Cubs managerial candidates are going to be put to the test in their interviews with the Superfriends.  This will be no ordinary interview where Jim Hendry asks them what their favorite donut flavor is, this is going to be some hard-hitting, real-life game situation stuff that will undoubtedly face the new Cubs manager once […]

Terry Francona to leave Boston?

Terry Francona may be out as manager of the Red Sox as early as today so reports a lot of people with sources. I for one would be very happy if the Cubs targeted him as their manager. He’s one of the best in the game. He might be the best. Terry Francona may depart […]