Mark Shapiro: one win in free agency is $9 million

This is a fantastic Q&A with Mark Shapiro who was the Indians GM for 9 years and is now their team president. Go read it all. Great stuff. I think more people will come. But the challenge is 2.2 million instead of 1.6 million doesn’t change the way we operate. Even that extra 500,000, 600,000 […]

Profiles In Rebuilding- The Cleveland Indians

After Theo and Co. were hired at the end of last season, Cubdom was collectively filled with a sense of manifest destiny. A majority of us, I think, breathed a sigh of relief and started channeling our inner Alvin. Finally, a front office on the vanguard, saying all the right things about performance evaluation, rebuilding […]

Cubs next manager

The day we learned Jim Hendry was fired, I talked about how listing general manager candidates would be lazy. The reality at that time was that there wasn’t a general manager in baseball that wasn’t a candidate. The media now seems content to say that had the Red Sox not collapsed Theo would have stuck […]

Add Mark Shapiro’s name to the list

Jayson Stark has heard from an executive that Indians President and former GM Mark Shapiro may have interest in the Cubs general manager job. We’ve heard lots of famous names connected with the Cubs’ general manager gig. Well, here’s one fascinating name we haven’t heard: Indians president (and longtime GM) Mark Shapiro. According to people […]