Starlin Castro falls asleep again

I didn't see the Cubs and Cardinals game yesterday, but Starlin Castro had another costly mental error. Castro's brain cramp on a popup in the fifth allowed the Cardinals to score, as St. Louis posted a 4-0 victory over the Cubs in front of 41,981 at Wrigley Field. The Cardinals led, 1-0, when they loaded […]

Handling Starlin Castro

The other day in San Francisco Starlin Castro lost track of the number of outs and failed to complete the second half of what may or may not have been a double play. As you'd expect, Dale Sveum was quite unhappy about it. "It's something that's obviously unacceptable at any time," Sveum said. "Whether we […]

Daily Facepalm 2.29.12

Cubs go from maybe thinking about extending Garza to thinking about extending Garza. Or possibly cloning him. It's not clear. Hoyer (via Orange Guy): “We have a good relationship with Matt,” GM Jed Hoyer told Comcast SportsNet. “We need more Matt Garzas. We’ll sit down to talk to him about a deal. We’re hoping to […]

Fates of the Cubs Coaching Staff

Ever since Jim Hendry was fired last summer, most of us assumed that Mike Quade was fired as well, he just didn’t know it yet. Perhaps Ricketts gave Quade’s pink slip to a spare Molina brother to deliver, so he should get the news sometime this month. A few names have been floated as possible […]

Cubs next manager

The day we learned Jim Hendry was fired, I talked about how listing general manager candidates would be lazy. The reality at that time was that there wasn’t a general manager in baseball that wasn’t a candidate. The media now seems content to say that had the Red Sox not collapsed Theo would have stuck […]

Roasting the 2011 Cubs

WARNING: Before we get started, I’m assuming most people who come to this site don’t need to be told this, but for those who are not familar with a roast, they are rude, crude, and definitely not politically correct.  If you are easily offended, please just stop reading right here.  Bleed Cubbie Blue is that […]

Mike Quade’s Star Wars Nicknames

Have you ever wondered how Mike Quade would refer to characters in the Star Wars universe?  Us too. In honor of the upcoming Star Wars Night at Wrigley (and because we need another thread), we are happy to present Mike Quade’s nicknames for your favorite Star Wars characters: Luke Skywalker: Lukey Han Solo: Lo Princess […]

Mike Quade Has Lots of Excuses

Yesterday we learned from Mike Quade that the Cubs lost a game 9-1 because Starlin Castro wasn’t focused on a pop fly which set a bad tone for the entire rest of the game.  Not too long ago, he went off on the umpires for being horrible. Before that, he was on board with Tom […]

Is Mike Quade in over his head?

I’ve argued with Mercurial Outfielder on here that there’s no reason to think Mike Quade is in over his head. Hardball Talk now has an article up titled Cubs manager Mike Quade is in over his head. Here’s why. At least he sort of admitted after the Cubs’ latest loss Friday. “This one is on […]

Mike Quade is an all-star

It’s true. Since Jim Riggleman called it quits, Mike Quade has replaced Riggleman as a coach for the NL All-Stars. The only question at this point is, what Cubs player is going to be forced into the All-Star game because of a silly rule? My money is on Sean Marshall.

Mike Quade, You Are A Dumbass

It’s the bottom of the 8th inning on Saturday night and I had sat in Kaufmann Stadium and watched the Cubs and Royals play a very good game. It was well pitched. The umpires, at least from my perspective, made all the right calls. There were some nice plays on defense made by each team. […]

Was Zambrano Being Punished?

The Cubs lost to the Phillies and Roy Halladay on Friday evening, which wasn’t a surprise.  What was a surprise, and what has most people talking/tweeting/cursing/throwing things was that Carlos Zambrano was left in the game to face Placido Polanco with the bases loaded in the seventh inning after he had thrown 125 pitches on […]

Phil Rogers is Still Wrong – Because He HAS TO

MB, you ignorant slut. As someone who has been around the Cubs blogosphere for as long as you have, you should know damn well that Phil Rogers is never right about anything.  I’m fairly certain he needs a couple of tries to get his own name right in the byline. It was disturbing to realize […]

Should Starlin Castro move off shortstop?

After Starlin Castro‘s 3-error inning the other day a lot of talk began again about moving the 21-year old to 2nd base. It’s even been suggested that Darwin Barney (also a natural shortstop) be moved from 2nd to short. Mike Quade hasn’t even begun to think about that, which is great news. It’s not going […]

11 Cubs Sure To Disappoint

I should have written this about ten days ago, but I didn’t so I’m going to do it now. Early season stats mean absolutely nothing to me so there’s no risk of them influencing this list. 10. Blake DeWitt Why he’s here: The Cubs got Blake DeWitt from the Dodgers last summer in return for […]