Journeymen of Tomorrow: Week 6 Prospect Watch

Sorry it's late, and sorry about Week 5. I'd say it won't happen again, but with Leah on the warpath, I'd probably be lying. AAA Brett Jackson 2: Des Moines Nights has been incrementally better than he was two weeks ago. His peripherals are still bad (8.7%, 28.3% BB/K) and his BABIP is still .358, but […]

Journeymen of Tomorrow: Week 4 Prospect Watch

Each Saturday, I'm going to summarize the weekly performance top prospects at each level. Hopefully, this will give more of a snapshot of how our future Cubs are doing. AAA Brett Jackson 2: The Golden (Sombrero) Army is cooked. His peripherals are bad (8.5% BB, 32.2% K), he's hit-lucky (.375 BABIP), and he's still well under league-average […]