The Ryan Dempster Saga, Part 2

Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Cubs might be getting close to a deal with the Dodgers for [Name Redacted]. Source:

Looking back at Ryan Dempster’s Cubs career

In August 2003 Ryan Dempster underwent Tommy John surgery while a member of the Cincinnati Reds. The Reds released him in November that year and the Cubs signed him as a free agent on January 21st, 2004. The Cubs were a contender at this time and while Dempster would not be ready to start the […]

Soriano’s Contract: Disability Insurance

It makes sense for Major League Baseball teams, when handing out large multiyeared contracts that are “guaranteed,” to have an insurance policy to lessen the loss to the organization should the player suffer a career ending inury or be otherwise physically unable to play for the team.  Given Alfonso Soriano’s contract, I thought I’d be […]