Patrick Newman and The Japan Times on NPB posting fees

The Japan Times published an article yesterday about how the new posting system agreement puts Rakuten (Masahiro Tanaka's team) in an unfavorable position.  The Eagles were widely expected to post Tanaka this offseason, but the newly agreed upon system, complete with a $20 million cap on posting fees, seems to have the team rethinking things. […]

MLB, NPB reach agreement on posting system

It was reported last week, but it's apparently become official now and will go into effect as soon as next week.  So, the NPB team sets the posting fee in advance and it can go up as high as $20 million. Then MLB teams submit bids and all teams that bid the value that the […]

Guessing at the possible posting fee changes between MLB and NPB

Earlier today, we talked about the real possibility that there could soon be changes to the posting fee system. I had read this summer that the leagues, or at least one of them anyway, was trying to get the Japanese teams to take less money in the fee while the player gets more. Let's start […]