Crazy Uncle Phil Says the Cubs Care Not For IFA Spending Restrictions

Phil Rogers tweeted out a Sulia link, which I normally avoid on principle, but Bleacher Nation Brett insisted was interesting, so I clicked it. Brett was right. Phil is claiming the Cubs don't really give a damn that they are over their allotted pool money already and that they aren't necessarily done signing international guys. […]

Phil Rogers is not a Crane Kenney fan

#reminder { background: #BECDC6; padding: 6px; font-size: 12px; margin: 0px 12px 8px 12px; } Contest reminder: Don't forget to enter our contest to win The Essential Games of the Chicago Cubs DVD set. It runs through Sunday, August 19. Phil Rogers wonders why, if the Cubs were cleaning house in the front office this week, […]

The hunt for a new GM

Shortly after Jim Hendry was fired I wrote about why every big name GM, current or not, is a candidate for the Cubs job. If they are, so is everybody else. The reason I wrote that is that the GM who wins a World Series with the Cubs is going to be the most popular […]