On Theo

The following comment by Smokestack Lightning was such a good one that it deserves to be highlighted on the front page. Quoting dylanj: Friedman is my first choice simply because I think what he is doing is harder than what Theo did. Go write him a very very large check. I have mad respect for […]

Cubs ask Red Sox for permission to talk to Theo

I don’t have anything to add, but figured since we knew this was coming it may as well be a post of its own. Globe colleague Dan Shaughnessy has learned from a team source that the Chicago Cubs have asked the Red Sox for permission to speak with Theo Epstein regarding a position in their […]

Ricketts interested in Yankees GM Brian Cashman

Dave Van Dyck has an interesting article up this morning. In fact, according to reliable sources, the Cubs‘ chairman privately was feeling out the postseason availability of Yankees general manager Brian Cashman sometime around the All-Star break, which is when Hendry originally was “fired.” As I mentioned the other day, any current GM is going to have interest […]

GM Candidates

It would be easy, and even lazy to put together a post with names most of you have never heard about and talk about why they may be a candidate to replace Jim Hendry. I seem to remember MLBTR even having a list and Baseball America used to put together similar lists. I’m sure many […]