Congrats mikeakaelroy!

The 2013 Bunt Tournament: Bunt Harder has come to a close, and mikeakaelroy is our champion! He is now the proud owner or The Book on baseball, by resident Cubs genius Tom Tango. Thanks to everyone who participated, and hopefully the Cubs hold another tournament next year so we can do this again. Our boy […]

OV Bunt Tournament Contest!

Spring Training is finally here! The next month or so is probably my favorite part of the year, because it's when I can delude myself into thinking that maybe the Cubs could get close to resembling a competitive team, sorta. This year looks to be no different; I've tricked myself into thinking the Cubs could […]

Cubs Bunting Tournament 2: Electric Boogaloo

The 2013 version of the Cubs Bunting Tournament is rapidly approaching and the Cubs beat writers seem pretty psyched about it. Carrie Muskat, Paul Sullivan, and Jesse Rogers are all Twitpic-ing the shit out of the brackets they've seen so far this morning. The first bracket is actually a play-in tourney for the 64th spot in […]

Kate Upton Dancing and a Cubs Bunting Tournament Update

I know everyone (particularly MO) is deeply concerned about how the bunting tournament is progressing, so here are the results as of a few minutes ago.  I'd link to where I got the results, but I had to piece it together from various tweets and stories from Carrie Muskat, Bruce Miles, whoever is running the […]