I headed down to the first of four Season Ticket Holder events that the Cubs are putting on today and tomorrow at the Bank of America Theatre downtown. I met up with Ivy Chat Chuck (who I hope will also write his perspective) and we bumped into Tom Ricketts before the show started. As I […]

The Only Thing Tom Ricketts Threatened Was Some People’s Delicate Sensibilities

The Cubs released more renderings of what they would like Wrigley to look like after the renovations they've been planning for four years are complete. There was nothing earth-shattering. We already knew what a jumbo video board would theoretically look like thanks to amateur fans with Photoshop skills. This version had lights on the top […]

Tom Ricketts finally threatens to move Cubs away from Wrigley Field

Figured this was worthy of discussing. If we don't have the ability to generate revenue in our outfield, we will have to take a look at moving. There is no question. — Tom Ricketts Discuss By the way, I was going to add an image of Tom Ricketts, but it turns out we have never […]

Joe Didn't Help Anything, But Tom Ricketts Has Screwed Himself

Joe Ricketts has had next to nothing to do with the Cubs since the Ricketts won the right to become the sole bidders on the team way back in 2009.  He's the money guy.  That's it.  He has said as much publicly.  He doesn't give a damn about the Cubs or baseball.  He funded the […]

We Are Shocked…SHOCKED!… To Learn Tom Tunney is in the Rooftop Owners' Pockets

In today's edition of Obviously Obvious Item of the Day, the Sun-Times has come right out and quantified what everybody familiar with the Cubs' relationship with Chicago's 44th Ward has known all along: Alderman Tom Tunney gets a tremendous amount of financial backing from the good people who own the rooftops across from Wrigley. It […]

Cubs Dynamic Pricing Probably Not As Dynamic As They'd Like

I've been keeping an eye on the Cubs' bleacher ticket prices for a little over a week now because I got curious about how their dynamic pricing model is actually working out for them. Previously, I had hypothesized that overall revenues would not be taking so much of a hit, because the Cubs would be […]

Looking Back on Opening Day

Yesterday was my 15th straight Opening Day, and if I recall correctly, the 15th straight year I have frozen my ass off at Wrigley Field for the first game of the year.  To be fair, I'm sure there has been a somewhat warm Opening Day among those 15 years, but I sure as hell can't […]

Daily Facepalm 3.1.12 – Expanded playoffs edition

Expanded playoffs have arrived I thought this had already been decided, but the extra wild card has been approved. I'm kind of surprised that MLB would do this so close to the start of the season. Given the glacial pace at which MLB moved, I figured they had just decided that they were going to […]

Cubs Want to Get PAID For the Rights to Televise Them Lose Games

I've been a bit distracted lately as I've been thinking about cats again, but as we all know (I'm assuming), Spring Training is here! With the bunting tournament in full half-swing and Kerry Wood drilling Castro on the wrist today, we're starting to see news on a more regular basis coming from the beat reporters. […]

Daily Facepalm Returns with a Fiery Vengeance

Cubs and Matt Garza Agree to Terms It's no longterm contract extension, but the Cubs are tweeting that they've agreed to terms for 2012 with Matt Garza, thereby sticking it to the arbitor. Hurrah.  

Cubs’ Training Facility in Dominican Republic Looks Freakin’ Sweet

Tom Ricketts keeps making it harder and harder to mock him.  I mean, he pretty much shut us all up when he went out and hired away the top baseball executive available (and one of the top guys alive) to pull the team out of its nosedive into the ground. He's showing that he understands […]

When Theo Met Carlos: A Cubs Story [Kindle Edition]

“We met today at his request,” Epstein said. “It went well. He expressed a strong desire to be a Cub (again) and an even stronger desire to have a strong 2012 season. He’s in great shape. He’s working out twice a day, pitching down in Venezuela. I told him that we’d let him earn his […]

Theo Begins a New Era By Eating Lunch (gasp!)

The Age of Theo is upon us and the world of Cubdom is dancing about as much as someone can dance until you stop and remember that we haven’t won anything yet.  But this is what we wanted when the Ricketts took over from the stodgy, crusty Tribune. We wanted a real sign that the […]

Relax, Cubs fans!

Brett on Bleacher Nation has done a fantastic job rounding up the Theo rumors over the past week. It’s been one of the few sites I even bother to check for info. It’s something that would drive most people mad seeing as how conflicting the reports are. The only quibble I have with any of […]