Theo is a Cub so what next?

When the reports of Theo Epstein signing with the Cubs began to trickle in this morning (or actually last night), I started thinking about what it means in the short-term for the Cubs. The truth is that I, and you, have literally no idea. I wrote this before reading Aisle 424′s most recent article so […]

In Theo We Trusty (or something)

The Cubs signing of Theo Epstein is all but officially official.  The Cubs have a penchant for blowing things that seem certainties, so until this is finally final and Theo is standing up at a podium with Tom Ricketts grinning from ear to ear, I know it should be wise to temper my enthusiasm.  But […]

Tom Calls Theo

The Red Sox have apparently granted the Cubs permission to speak with Theo Epstein about their vacant general manager position.  Paul Sullivan has reported that his best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with the girl who saw Theo pass out at 31 Flavors last night in […]

Cubs GM Search Update: Day 77, Still No Update

Holy mother of God, would something just happen? The way things are going, I assume man will be living on Mars before the Cubs have a new GM. They have been without one now for almost 3 months.  Sure, we’ve only known about the vacancy for 2 months, but that is just semantics.  It doesn’t […]

Roasting the 2011 Cubs

WARNING: Before we get started, I’m assuming most people who come to this site don’t need to be told this, but for those who are not familar with a roast, they are rude, crude, and definitely not politically correct.  If you are easily offended, please just stop reading right here.  Bleed Cubbie Blue is that […]

The hunt for a new GM

Shortly after Jim Hendry was fired I wrote about why every big name GM, current or not, is a candidate for the Cubs job. If they are, so is everybody else. The reason I wrote that is that the GM who wins a World Series with the Cubs is going to be the most popular […]

Cubs likely to extend Tim Wilken’s contract

In a move that will surely anger even more people, Tom Ricketts will sit down with Tim Wilken in a couple weeks to discuss the state of the system and Wilken’s contract status. In other words, Ricketts is very likely to extend Wilken’s contract. I’ve not been too pleased with Wilken, but one thing we […]

Oneiri Fleita Getting An Extension is Clearly a Sign of the End of the World

Bruce Levine is reporting today that Oneiri Fleita got a four-year extension as Vice President of Player Personnel earlier this week.  This is huge for a couple of reasons: 1) it means a Cubs beat reporter may have reported a story within the same calendar week as when the events actually occurred (largely believed to […]

Cubs Asking For Public Funding to Fix Wrigley: Take Two

I think I’ve seen this episode before.  It’s the one where Jack and Chrissy ask a bankrupt Mr. Roper if they can not pay their rent for a few years while they spend the money on renovating their bathroom.  Then Janet and Mrs. Roper overhear part of the plot when Jack tells Larry about the […]

Tom Ricketts and Player Acquisition

Tom Ricketts has been vocal since buying the Cubs about the need to strengthen the minor league system.  It’s getting harder to doubt his sincerity given the construction of a new facility in the Dominican Republic, the increased number of overslot draftees in 2011, and the newly competitive nature of the organization in plucking sixteen […]

Some thoughts on the so-called team meetings

On Saturday Tim explained how silly the Cubs are, but I came to a much different conclusion than he did after reading the same thing. Let me start with just quoting some of the same things Tim did. General manager Jim Hendry and assistant GM Randy Bush will preside over the two days of meetings. […]

Phil Rogers is Still Wrong – Because He HAS TO

MB, you ignorant slut. As someone who has been around the Cubs blogosphere for as long as you have, you should know damn well that Phil Rogers is never right about anything.  I’m fairly certain he needs a couple of tries to get his own name right in the byline. It was disturbing to realize […]

The Cubs Are Still In It!

Tim is right: 2011 is not the Cubs’ year. (see also: 1909-2010). But not everybody needs to think that way. There are two approaches to being a fan (probably more, but I’m concerning this argument about these two alone . . . unless I get so inspired to consider others; I doubt it): thinking like […]