Trade Value: Kosuke Fukudome

In Soto’s trade value piece I mentioned how inconsistent he has been in his career, but that’s nothing compared to Fukudome. Below is an image of his AVG/OBP/SLG/wOBA by month in his Cubs career. If you’d rather see the numbers, here they are. Month AVG OBP SLG wOBA 4/1/08 .327 .436 .480 .399 5/1/08 .293 […]

Trade Value: Geovany Soto

The Cubs are done so there’s no more pretending they have a chance. They don’t. I don’t expect the Cubs front office or the players to give up. Not sure I really want them to at this point. It’s still early and there’s plenty of time to let the trade market develop. No need rushing […]

Trade Value: Carlos Pena

The first of June is tomorrow and while no significant trades are likely to be made in the first few weeks of June, the Cubs do find themselves to be far from contenders at this point. The Cubs will likely trade a few players near the deadline for prospects so it seems a good time […]