How much is Prince Fielder worth?

We’ve talked a lot about Albert Pujols and taken a look at his value, but I don’t believe we’ve done so with Fielder. Apparently many executives think he’ll sign with the Cubs. I’m not optimistic about it, but it’s worth looking at anyway. CAIRO projects 4.4 WAR while Oliver projects 4.0. Let’s split the difference […]

How much is Pujols worth?

There’s a very big image attached below. I think it mostly explains itself. I apologize for the poor formatting, but I didn’t care too much to make it that neat. The image contains numerous ways to estimate 7, 8 and 9 year contracts for Albert Pujols. I stuck with a -.5 WAR aging curve. I […]

2012 Cubs CAIRO Projections, Part 1 ***UPDATED***

We can thank the Yankees early exit from the playoffs for SG’s CAIRO being released so early. For those of you who read ACB, the format for these projections will be similar. For those who didn’t, what we try to do is post the relevant information for each Cubs player. Last year we tended to […]