Cubs and Red Sox finally complete Theo Epstein compensation

Several months after being on the 5-yard line the two sides have agreed to a compensation package. The details were released this morning. The Cubs send Chris Carpenter and a player to be named later. The Cubs will also receive a player to be named later. That part is confusing to me. They said a player had to be sent to the Cubs since it was a trade, which makes no sense to me. Then I noticed that Randy Winn, the guy the Mariners traded to the Rays for Lou Piniella, was actually traded for another player.

You'd think at some point one of the journalists covering this epic adventure would have realized this and reported it. I don't believe any one pointed this out. I'm actually disappointed I didn't even notice it. It would have been as simple as looking at Winn's transactions:

October 28, 2002: Traded by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays to the Seattle Mariners for Antonio Perez.

The official transaction between the Marlins and White Sox was this:

Florida Marlins traded RHP Jhan Marinez and SS Osvaldo Martinez to Chicago White Sox and Bristol White Sox traded RHP Ricardo Andres to Greensboro Grasshoppers.

It was as simple as looking at a couple of pages on the interwebz to realize that the Cubs would be getting something in return. It's remarkable that the journalists covering this couldn't be bothered to report this piece of information. They wrote for weeks that a deal was coming soon. It's not like they didn't have another piece of information they could share. So not only are the Cubs beat writers once again shown to be incompetent, but sportswriters in general are pretty bad at their jobs. They had 123 days to figure this out.