Post-Convention Post

Another Cubs Convention is in the books and the Cubs did their usual nice job of building the embers of hope into an actual flame. This is a time when Cubs fans get to speak and they did not disappoint. The first THREE questions from fans weren’t even questions, but statements thanking and praising the Ricketts […]

Better Know a Cub: Dexter Fowler

Yesterday, the Cubs spun Lou Goodvalue and Dan Straily into their (presumable) starting CF for 2015. A short eulogy for Luis Valbuena follows. Valbuena was underrated by the general population and probably slightly overrated by the blogging community (and with his batflips, it’s easy to see why). Valbuena was cheap, able to play anywhere on […]

Cubs Fans Convening Conventionally Again

The Cubs Convention is many things, but different is not one of them. John McDonough’s template has been used for 29 years with very few changes, so for the 30th iteration, they’ll stick with what isn’t broken. Cubs fans aren’t exactly known for their ability to roll with change, so it’s not like I can […]

With new manager Joe Maddon, Cubs expectations are sky high in 2015

The 2015 Chicago Cubs look to challenge for the National League Central crown and make the postseason for the first time since 2008. The Cubs finished last in the division in 2014, with a record of 73-89 in a disappointing campaign. Already sporting a roster of young talent, the Cubs brought in arguably the best […]

Yellon Gets BOFA’d on Twitter and It’s the Best Thing

If you’re not familiar, BOFA is the next incarnation of up dog. “What’s up dog?” you might say. NOT MUCH, WHAT’S UP WITH YOU?! Get it? Well, BOFA is very similar and you can see how it plays out between Twitter user, and American hero, @J_Mendoza8, and everyone’s favorite bologna aficionado, Alvin Yellon: Nailed it. […]

Bulls 114, Rockets 105 (1/5/14)

I can say a lot about this game, but there is really only one stat that you need to know: the Rockets were 3-5 from the free throw line, and the Bulls were 27-30. I don’t have the numbers in front of me as far as how often you win when you have 22 more […]

Cubs Opening Day ticket prices rise after offseason improvements

Chicago Cubs fans had Christmas come early with the signing of John Lester to their rotation heading into the 2015 baseball season, coming on the heels of Theo Epstein bringing in former Tampa Bay manager Joe Maddon. These two big moves highlight an active off-season for the Chicago Cubs. In addition, more depth to rotation […]

Happy Rule 5 Day!

Today is the Rule 5 draft. Courtesy of the inimitable Arizona Phil, here’s the list of Rule 5 eligible players. A few of these players are in danger of being selected. Gioskar Amaya: 2B/C prospect who has fallen on lean times. I like Amaya, but he might be too far to be stashed for a […]

The New Cubs

wOBAs Steamer projected: Position Player wOBA lwOBA pwRC+ C Montero 0.319 0.305 105 1B Rizzo 0.374 0.328 114 2B Baez 0.306 0.298 103 SS Castro 0.321 0.297 108 3B Valbuena 0.319 0.316 101 LF Coghlan 0.312 0.318 98 CF Alcantara 0.303 0.32 95 RF Soler 0.346 0.316 109 – – – – – Position Player […]


Cubs sign Jon Lester

Per many reports, the Cubs have signed Jon Lester to a 6/155 deal, with a vesting option for a seventh year. The Cubs have a protected pick, but since Lester was traded last season there is no draft pick compensation so all this costs is money and however many years Cubs fans took off their […]


Cubs sign Jason Hammel

It is not a common occurrence that a player re-signs with the team that just traded him (*cough* Jon Lester *cough*), but Jason Hammel is proof positive that it can happen. The Cubs signed Hammel to a 2-year, $18 million deal with an option that could bring the final tally to $28 million. As far […]

mike cubs

And Now His Cubs Watch Has Ended

My baseball family suffered the loss today of our most senior and most loved member, Mike Lagattuta. Mike loved singing. He loved Italian food. He loved teaching. He loved his friends as he loved family. And he loved the Cubs. He grew up in the Wrigley neighborhood and he would tell us stories of getting out […]

Mavericks 132, Bulls 129 (2OT) 11/3/14

Kirk Hinrich pretty much lost this game. With 3 seconds to go and the Bulls up 3, Monta Ellis (a good 3-point shooter to be sure) drove up to the right side of the court to take a desperation 3 as time expired. Hinrich fouled as Ellis went into his shot, with 1.2 seconds left. […]

Bulls 97, Jazz 95 (11/24/14)

Hot damn, is this team fun to watch. This is the third time we’ve seen the Butler-Dunleavy-Gasol-Noah-Rose starting 5 this season, and each time they’ve started those 5 they’ve won the first quarter (twice convincingly). Chicago played probably it’s strongest 12 minutes of the year in the first quarter, dominating both offensively and defensively. Listening to the […]

Predicting a Max Scherzer Contract

I figure it makes sense to perform the same calculations I did for Jon Lester for Max Scherzer. I think the chance he signs with the Cubs is a lot lower than Jon Lester, but it’s theoretically possible. Basically, we only need to calculate a starting WAR, and I’ll be using a depreciation schedule of Year(N+1) […]