Brett Jackson on Talkin’ Baseball

This past Saturday Cubs prospect Brett Jackson spoke with Bruce Levine and Fred Huebner on their weekly radio show Talkin’ Baseball. You can <a target="_blank" href="

“>download the episode as a podcast or listen online. He’s a pretty good interview, so it’s worth a listen, but I wanted to post a small portion of what he had to say about what he’s working on in AA with the Tennessee Smokies. For the time being, it looks like the Cubs think of him as a leadoff hitter.

I’m really trying to learn everything about being a leadoff hitter. Take that in and make that part of who I am. So far I’m really enjoying it.

Levine then asked him how he’s approaching the leadoff role without losing his approach as a power hitter.

Not a lot changes. The first at-bat of the game is really a big leadoff spot, and in that at-bat I like to see a lot of pitches, which works to my advantage later in the game and puts me in a good position to get pitchers in [counts] I want to be in. I don’t change a lot as far as how I swing and how I like to drive the ball and hit the gaps and even put it out of the park. I do like to battle at the plate and be a guy that gets on base, steal bags, and score runs, but at the same time I’m looking for a pitch to drive.

I don’t know that there are any gigantic revelations in the interview, but he does talk about life in the minors, the prospect of getting called up, and the difference between training camps under Lou and Quade (not surprisingly, he preferred the camp where he got to play a ton and hit the crap out of the ball). The Jackson interview begins at the 1:14:00 mark of the podcast.