Cubs Baserunning

Baseball Prospectus has their sortable statistics available for 2011 now. The first thing I checked out was the Cubs baserunning numbers since they’ve sucked at baserunning for several years. So far they rank 21st in baseball in EqBRR (Equivalent Baserunning Runs) and are -1.0. They did rank 14th last year, but 28th the year before that.

Darwin Barney has been the best on the team at 1.9 EqBRR. Starlin Castro is next at 1.3 and Geovany Soto is suprisingly 3rd at 1.0. Tony Campana has only been on base a few times and he’s been worth 0.6 EqBRR already.

At the bottom is Aramis Ramirez who has cost the Cubs -3.9 runs already. Fukudome is second worst at -1.7 and Reed Johnson is 3rd worst at -0.9.

Adding these in to the rWAR figures, we now see that Darwin Barney and Marlon Byrd have each been worth 0.8 rWAR. That only trails Kosuke Fukudome’s 1.1 rWAR (baserunning included). Geovany Soto is the only other position player with more than .5 rWAR (baserunning adjusted). Soto has .6. Aramis Ramirez’s .4 rWAR drops to 0 if we add in baserunning.